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Posted at 3:40 AM on Wed 17 August 2011
Hello Lead Generation Mastermind Member,

Slowly but surely the group here is taking some shape. The member count is rising and some people have started commenting on the sings I've written. GREAT!!! :-)

You know why writing, commenting and sharing your ideas is soooo important?
It brands you!!!
Branding is very important in any business, but in the MLM business, people often brand their company.
You can see it very well on Facebook. Lots of people their use their company name in their username.

What would happen though, if for what ever reason you some day do not want to be associated to that company name anymore? You've build up maybe 1000 or 2000 or even more friends they all associate you to your company and now you want to disassociate yourself from that. How are you going to do that? You'd somehow have to start all over again.

So be smart. We all have our primary company we work with, but it is best not to mention it. At least not in your social media usernames.

Keep things generic, so any person from any company can learn from what you have to say.
If you add value to people's lives, some of these people may actually come up to you and ask to join your company.
And they do so, not because of the company, but because of you.
Because you branded yourself and now they know, like and trust you. They will follow you to any company you go to.

Well, I of course would love to here your thoughts on this subject. What experiences have you made with this. Have you ever branded your company and found out that that wasn't the best thing to do?
Share your ideas and comments with us.
Posted at 2:42 PM on Sat 20 August 2011
Branding yourself is very important. People join people not products or companies. Put your name out there, not your company's name. Then whatever you do it is you, not the product.
Posted at 4:06 AM on Mon 22 August 2011
Branding is everything and like I said, it always happens. It either works for you or against you. (Just like the Slight Edge). You decide!
Posted at 10:40 PM on Mon 22 August 2011
Yes, that is true Rutger. You brand yourself. With the right care you do it positively. Good word of mouth can make you, Bad word of mouth can break you even faster.
Posted at 5:58 AM on Tue 23 August 2011
I'd say, it doesn't even have to be word of mouth. All I would need to do is spam half this site and nobody ever wants to here from me again. Where as, if I give valuable info on the forums and in the discussions, it might take a while, but people will notice and get to trust me for it. It just takes discipline to get there.
Posted at 10:17 AM on Tue 23 August 2011
Yes Rutger, Value with benefits for what others need and want.
Do this with love and understanding. People do not care what you know until they know that you care. Might well take some time, but it is worth it.
Posted at 3:35 AM on Thu 25 August 2011
Retention is the name of the game.
By building trust, you will create a feeling with the people you coach and train that you will always be there for them. You form a team, a mastermind. This group is hard to break and as a group you stand real strong.

Nobody in a great group will break away and over time it will get bigger and bigger.

Just imagine the power of that!.

It doesn't matter for which company you work. If you have or a re with a strong group of people, you can't loose.
Posted at 10:49 PM on Thu 25 August 2011
Exactly why I am strong on the build a friendship/relationship first.
That builds a very strong tight knit team. Longevity follows.
[User Deleted]
Posted at 11:07 PM on Sun 4 September 2011
I think those that name themselves after their company do it because they know they can't offer value. So they hide behind their company's name. It's just weird because help is all around us!
Posted at 11:22 PM on Sun 4 September 2011
Yes Frank, you are so right about that.
People helping people succeed. That
is what it is all about. The key to success.
When you brand you, people know you
are real. They are more open to help you,
not your company or product.
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