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Posted at 9:08 AM on Sun 4 September 2011
Hey Ken, it looked interesting to me as well, although I have a few questions about it.
What was it though that made you "only" have some success with it?

As you know both Better Web Builder and Prosperity Central, could you name a few thing in which these two tools differ? What makes each one so special?

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Posted at 10:27 PM on Mon 5 September 2011
Prosperity Central is a great program. I paid the
very reasonable fee and did not take full advantage
of what they had to offer. At the time I had to much
going on. That is why only some success.
They did not offer some of the tools I needed
such as an autoresponder, and no live training
for my new people. Still a very good program.

BWB in my humble opinion is a far superior tool,
as it offers great weekly live training, back office
tools to help manage your business. You can have
most of them as a free member if you like. That is
very appealing to the masses. You can choose how
your ads will look. Rob and Art have a great deal of
combined experience to draw from to help their
members, and they do.
They offer the tools a marketer needs, even free.
Posted at 12:10 PM on Mon 12 September 2011
Wow, some nice stuff here. Thanks for the gems, Rutger, Ken and Frank. I hope to learn more from you guys. I will also contribute if I can. Thanks again!
Posted at 11:14 PM on Tue 13 September 2011
Antonio, we all have something to contribute.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Posted at 10:59 AM on Fri 16 September 2011
Here's a thought - can you guys post links so we can see the programs in action? Like Ken or Frank, can you point us to a page that will show us what you've created with the program? I think I've been seeing a lot of BWB's creations, but a link here would be great so I can be sure that's what I've been seeing.
Posted at 11:01 AM on Fri 16 September 2011
And oh, if there are various examples of different things you can create with the tools, that would also be helpful to take a look at.

Thanks! I so appreciate all the help you guys give here!!
Posted at 9:38 AM on Sat 17 September 2011
Wendy, this is for example.
You can also create your own autoresponder series.
You can add your own video.
There is so much you can do with BWB.
btw: It pays very well.
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Posted at 12:18 PM on Sat 17 September 2011
Mmmm..... I really like what you did with the page Ken. Great work. :-)
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