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Posted at 6:24 AM on Fri 19 August 2011
Hello again and welcome to a new tip on lead generation.

I discussed in prior posts, making contact with people, using a free offer and the topic of branding yourself.

Branding is the most important thing you do, either knowingly or not. What ever you do on the net leaves a track of information behind. If you're not aware of what you do, this track might not be so empowering for your business. ;-)

For instance being a member here on MLMSocial. Everybody here receives points for being active on this site. If you have been a member for a while, but your points are low and you do not have a lot of friends, most people and certainly I, won't believe that you're such a great successful MLM business person.

So here is a big tip. Be active!
Show yourself on forums and engage in conversations. Posts new topics and answer on other people's ones.
Start a group and be active on that. Invite people, posts articles on it or on the main article page.

There is a lot of stuff you can do to become noticed on a positive way and brand yourself as a leader.

As always, I am happy to receive your comments. What do you do to brand yourself, for instance?
Share and brand yourself.
Posted at 10:43 AM on Tue 23 August 2011
Rutger, great point. I personally do not spend much time on any social site. I spend the majority of my time in conference with my people. Training and brain storming. Mentoring is very important.
Although that is another subject altogether. You certainly make sense about lead generation my friend. Keep up the good work.
Posted at 3:28 AM on Thu 25 August 2011
I think it's fantastic you spend so much time with your people. That's what builds trust and a sense of belonging together, which promotes retention.
But how, if you're not spending much time on social sites, do you get your people in the first place? Where and how do you first get into contact with them, before they become your people?
Posted at 11:23 PM on Thu 25 August 2011
Mostly, people find me through my websites and blogs.
I do quite a bit of advertising. I find social site somewhat
useful. Not a lot of my team comes from social sites.
However, I do believe social media can be a great
source for new people, if used right. I am not a pro
when it comes to social media, I have friends for that part.

People tend to socialize and chat far to much for me.
They rarely take action on anything, they ask questions
to fill the time it seems to me. I run my business as a business.

That probably sounds strange for a relationship marketer.
I enjoy helping people and seeing their successes.
Mentoring them along the way, getting to know each other.
Building the Know, Like and Trust factor is vital.

I really care about people, I need to mentor them through
their situation. It is hard for me to watch people waste their
time and spin their wheels. Jumping from one thing to another
with no real direction or purpose. Then saying this industry
does not work when they really never give it a chance.
Posted at 9:24 AM on Sun 4 September 2011
I so agree with you on the time wasting part. Too many "marketers" only play farming or what ever games and chat about nonsense when on a social site.

It is important to set a certain amount of time for each site and do just those things you planned to do. For instance, spend 1/2 h on contacting new people on Facebook and 1/2 h on MLMSocial posting an article and reading and answering on forums, or anything along that line..

In one hour you will have spend quality time, that will result, when repeated over time in making money.

Once you get in contact with people you can schedule talks, calls or chats, to get to know these people better, but also there, limit your time. In general a 15 to 20 minute talk is more than enough to find out what people are looking for and where you can help them, and to get to know some personal info as well.

Speak to 3 people a day for a max of 20 minutes and another hour on social sites and you'll have spend more or less all you need to do for for your MLM business in just 2 hours.

Posted at 11:34 PM on Sun 4 September 2011
Rutger, the science of productive relationshiping.
Marketing with your guideline is very productive.
When you stick to those time lines you prevent
time wasting habits. There is little point in creating
a great life and not having time to enjoy living it.
Posted at 7:19 AM on Mon 5 September 2011
Especially when over time all you need to spend are those two hours a day to earn more than you can spend..... ;-)
Posted at 1:17 PM on Mon 5 September 2011
Yes Rutger, it truly gets to be almost that easy.