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Posted at 9:11 AM on Fri 19 August 2011

I see too many of us trying to get new members into our business by promoting our business opportunity. What's wrong with that is we all have a business opportunity already.

Instead promote why others need your product or services. Your audience might have a certain problem and your business can solve it for them.

I rather have a happy customer that keeps using my service every month. Than a unhappy networker that will quit within the first 30 days if they don't make any money!

To YOUR success!

Frank Osorio

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Posted at 9:23 AM on Fri 19 August 2011
Hi Frank,

That's an interesting approach.
Maybe because I am in the health and wellness business, which is the biggest chunk I guess of the MLM industry, talking about one of the products I like, hasn't much effect.

My products might be the very best to me, but I'm sure the next person thinks the same. And think about this.....:

Imagine I tell you my girlfriend/partner/wife, is better and nicer than yours. How would you feel?
I guess the best that could happen is that you say, "yeah, whatever", right? Not much use to get into a comparing conversation.

This is the main reason why I do not speak at all about my main opportunity on the internet. I want people to follow me for me, not for the company I am with.
By branding myself I assure my followers will go to the end of the world with me, even if I change companies.

I hope is made sense what I said there. I am not trying to change your winning strategy, if it is, but you might consider my reasoning.

Wishing you all the best,
Posted at 10:08 AM on Fri 19 August 2011
Both of you have valid positions and both work when apply correctly.

So if one of your contacts is an mlmer of course you're not going to present your opportunity but instead your product, but first you have determine if he is a prospect for your product.

And yes it is not good to pitch other mlmers with your opportunity but with what you have to offer as a network marketer which can benefit him although he is with another company. And I yes make a distinction between an mlmer and network marketer because I see where there difference in the two.

You're an mlmer when you dealing with those in your company and with in your organization communicating your downline and upline as well as customers. A network marketer is networking and marketing his company, product and him or her self to those out side of his company expanding his network of prospects. These prospect are not part of the mulit level company neither as a customer or a downline or upline rep.

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Posted at 10:35 AM on Tue 23 August 2011
People want to know about who you are before there care about what you do. Know, Like and Trust. People join people not companies or products.
At least the ones who will stay involved for a long time do.
You certainly need a Great product, and a Stable company.
But people need to know you care about them and their needs.
I would say lead with YOU before a product or company.
However, Jones has a very valid point. You need to know who you are presenting to. They may only need a product to take care of their certain need. Just a thought.
Posted at 3:21 AM on Thu 25 August 2011
I believe that people who only search for a product are not people we tend to find when we're on the internet, on social sites, or special MLM sites. People who look for a product by themselves on the internet, will type in a certain keyword in a search engine and will normally never find us. The best they could do is find a specific company's website.

For product sales I recommend the old fashioned, old school, one-on-one. Just see if a conversation with a person leads to the topic where your product comes in.(By the way, this counts for tangible products, not internet based, informational products, training and tools. Internet based product of course need the net to be sold.)

The only way, I have found it possible to sell for instance health or wellness products is through a affiliate site, which allows people to list up to 5 products. These people's personal affiliates can see these products and may decide to buy them.

Posted at 11:40 PM on Thu 25 August 2011
Yes Rutger, people looking for product generally become customers.
Not generally business partners.
We certainly need them as well to keep earning a living.
Our business partners help with that end a lot.
That is why the mentoring and friendship is important.
We need to mastermind together to help each other
grow our teams and therefore our businesses.

I find most conversation do not lead to my product
until it first leads to their specific need. My product
comes in when it is the solution to that need.
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Posted at 5:57 AM on Wed 31 August 2011
You're so right there Ken.
Actually, I think that's a good idea to start a new discussion on.

I'll go and write it straight away.

Thanks for the idea.
Posted at 10:30 AM on Thu 8 September 2011
Rutger, you asked me too share ideas too in the group, so here it goes, lol.

I am sorry, but sometimes find it hard to find the marketers you are describing, lol. I have yet to find a marketer who has wanted to "know me first". Maybe, and I think it is that I do not come across as a, looking for the right word, authority marketer maybe.

In 3 years of marketing I finally got annoyed at all the offers I get, and not a mention of what I do or offer. I decided enough is enough and have put together my own little pitch, " Yes, I will look at your product, but I also would appreciate reciprocal marketing, if they would also have a look at my product, it helps us both" But I was tired of offers thrown at me, and my biz not going anywhere, and you know what, it works. My last 3 signups have been done this way, then I find it leads to a friendship,,,,A little off the beaten path I know,,,now as marketers, we can willingly share each others programs,,,Works for me,,,

Posted at 9:36 AM on Fri 16 September 2011
Kathleen, excellent share thank you.
You are right about not finding a marketer who
wants to know you first. Most marketers want
you to buy their product and join their company.
However, if you recruit without the relationship
you will be working very hard at always recruiting.
Relationships develop longevity. Mentoring your
new people and teaching them to mentor their new
people will win every time. Keep up the good work.
Sounds like you have found what works for you.
continued success,