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Posted at 6:41 AM on Wed 31 August 2011
Hello dear MLM Lead Generation Mastermind Member,

The group is getting more and more members and the discussions are getting more and more views. A bit of a pity not more people join in the conversations. You're welcome to comment with questions and tips, techniques and skills. Don't be shy.

Right, after that I think it's time to mention something Ken Pringle reminded me about.

Find That Need!

After you have made contact with people for the first time (and you haven't scared them away by sending them your biz link or so), it's time to get into a conversation with your new contact.

I know it isn't always easy. Some people are not great talkers and they might not share so much information with you at first. It is important that you don't push yourself on people, but that you show that you're there for them at the same time. If a first talk doesn't lead to you being able to see what it is they need, you might find out a second time. Just be interested in what the other person is like. What is there business experience like? What has worked well for them, what not?

There are tons of questions you can ask that, when meant seriously, will give the person you're talking to the feeling you really care. The trick is not to pretend. Care really!!!

There will be a time that you have come to a conclusion about the problems your new contact has and whether there is something you can do to help.

This whole technique might not get you a lot of leads fast, but it will get you people that will stay with you for the rest of your life.
If these people use the same strategy, your business will grow steadily over time.

Now, I would really like your comments on this idea of mine. Do you have the same, or maybe totally different experiences?

Wishing you lots of success,

Posted at 9:30 AM on Wed 31 August 2011
Rutger, thank you.
It is so important that you genuinely care about people.
Never be fake about that, people see right through you.
Then take the next step to find out what they need.
Give them what they want if you can, then lead
them to what they need.

This certainly is not a quick way to build relationships.
However, the relationships you build will last a long time.
You will learn to trust one another. You will learn from
each other and grow a strong bond.

People need to know that you care, before
they will care about what you know.
Posted at 9:15 AM on Sun 4 September 2011
Ken, I know this is your specialization, you focus on this type of marketing mainly. What would you say is your retention rate, once people have joined in a program of yours?
This post has been deleted.
Posted at 11:53 PM on Sun 4 September 2011
The retention rate when I build the relationship
first for my program is about 85% that stay longer
then 6 months. When they stay past the 6 month
mark they are in for the long haul. Because by
then we are friends and partners. Not just numbers.

The 15% that do not stay the 6 months are not
looking for a business. They are only looking for
what they can get, they never give back. That is
a recipe for failure. And they move on somewhere
different and do the same thing again.
Posted at 7:15 AM on Mon 5 September 2011
You know, I think there are an enormous amount of people out there, that belong to those 15%.
So many people are looking for a get rich quick deal. Something for which they don't need to know anything and for which they don't have to learn new skills.

But life just doesn't work that way. (Although you just might get lucky winning the lottery.) lol

Seriously, the only way to look at MLM is by seeing it as real work.
You have to put the time and effort into it. You have to learn new techniques, new skills, new ways of thinking.
You have to NETWORK, build real relationships, help others succeed. Only when you so that will, over time, success come to you.

I might therefore be very important to see who belong to the 15% that are not looking for an opportunity of a lifetime.

The quicker you can get them of your list, the more time you'll have to spend with the people that really want go with you.

I recently heard a saying that I didn't know before, about how difficult it is to push a rope. If you notice that people don't do what you advise them to do, don't even bother continuing to push them. They have to want to do it for themselves.

Ooops, I guess we've come away somewhat from the original theme. But on the other hand maybe not.
If you can find out what people's needs are soon along in your relationship building, you might not need to waste your time on some. Focus instead on the ones that really want your help.

Posted at 10:44 PM on Mon 5 September 2011
Yes, network marketing is a business and should
be treated as such. You can not successfully push
a rope. You need to find those who want it and work
with them. You can socialize with the 15% if you like,
but no point in trying to work with them they do not
want to work.

If someone does not do what I advise for them to do
to better their life or business I offer nothing else to
them but good luck. That may seem a little harsh
but I need to be available to those who want it and
are willing to work for it.
Posted at 2:24 AM on Tue 6 September 2011
We're on the same track, you and me. I hope more will follow this line of thinking.
Posted at 7:01 PM on Wed 14 September 2011
I tell my dad this all the time in our business. He's constantly pushing people to do what *he* wants them to do ... or he's doing it for them. We're new to network marketing, so I suppose this is part of the learning curve.

But I keep telling him - the key is sorting, not selling. By pushing someone, you're trying to sell them, whether they're in the business or not. Stop selling, you're wasting your time. Sort well and you'll find the people who want to do it for themselves and you'll end up doing less work.

My dad is slowly getting that picture .... ;) Daughter knows best. :)
Posted at 9:09 AM on Fri 16 September 2011
Wendy, you are right in what you tell your dad.
Make a friend, not a sale. The money will follow.
You will gain longevity with your people.
You will not have to work as hard trying to recruit.
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