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Posted at 11:44 AM on Mon 5 September 2011
Hello my good friends, it is great to see this place grow and grow.
More people every day join and start participating in the conversations, helping them to brand themselves.

Now, I re-started this topic, because I noticed something.
Just like using your company's name in your profile user name doesn't get you anywhere, the same thing happens with your picture.

I see some people using their company's picture, other just put up a symbol or a picture of some animal or what ever. All very nice pictures, but very wrong if you want to brand yourself.

I know that these as scary times. People's data on the internet get misused and stolen and people want to protect themselves.

I understand all that, but I think a picture won't necessarily, if stolen become such a problem, but it makes all the difference in getting respect, being liked and trusted.

I would recommend to use a picture with a genuine smile. An absolute no is a naked upper body, which you see some guys do. This is not a dating site. Put a nice shirt on or something. ;-)

The pic doesn't have to be professional, the most important thing is the smile. How are you going to win people over to you, if you have a dark stare?
Think of why you befriend the people on this site? Does the picture have anything to do with it, when it comes to choosing? Who would you rather go for, the person with the great smile or an angry looking one?

Make a good first impression. Have a nice pic of yourself.

Posted at 1:29 PM on Mon 5 September 2011
Excellent Rutger, I personally do not accept friend requests from anyone that does not have a picture of themselves.
Pictures of their company, product or something cute does not do it for me. The smile is a great touch.
Posted at 3:26 AM on Thu 8 September 2011
I Think the smile is what makes it complete. A picture of somebody with a serious face, doesn't make me feel I can trust that person more. Rather it makes me feel these persons don't really know what they're doing.