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Posted at 11:40 AM on Tue 6 September 2011
As members of my group here, I'll give you a heads up on everybody else, by publishing my latest article here on the discussion board as well. It will take several days sometimes for the article to get approved on the article page. So I hope you can take some advantage from it.
Here it is:

Small Daily Goals

It is very difficult to see your way to a certain end goal. If you know that you want to be financially free for instance, how do you get there?

You might already have understood the mechanisms that eventually should get you there, but whole package may seem a way too big a mountain to master.

So where do you start? What should you do?
I recommend splitting the activities that you have to do in small daily portions, so it becomes something easy to oversee and as a result is also very easy to teach to others.

The fact that this lets itself be duplicated easily is what is most important in Network Marketing.

In Network Marketing we live of the fact that other people join our business. If you would get for instance 5 people to sign up under you, in your front-line and you’ve taught them well, they will use your same strategy to get their 5, etc.

Let’s see how you could get 5 people to sign up with you in a year. (Realize that most Network Marketers never sign up more than 3 people ever.)

To get people to join you in your business, they first need to find out about you and your business, right? So, you need to contact people and when you’ve established a relationship with them. When they know, like and trust you, you can send a message with a request to share some info, which might help them earn more money or improve their business, for instance. I would say you try to send about 10 to 30 messages like these every day. That could be 10 to your Facebook friends, 10 to your Twitter followers and 10 to some others social site. Out of these 10 – 30 people, at least 10 to 30% will react positively and ask for more info. This means you can send out a special message to between 1 and 3 persons a day.

If you send out only 3 messages a day with a link to your info, you’d reach on a yearly basis over 1000 people (I’ve given you a generous amount off, realizing you won’t possibly be able to use every day of the year for this)

If one person out of 200 joins you in your opportunity, you get 5 a year.

Now, this is only a numbers game. These aren’t real realistic numbers, but you get the idea.
Do small amounts of work every day, things you can oversee and that time wise you can fit in. And over time, over the course of a year, the numbers will have accumulated so much that you’ll get realistically closer to your end goal.

The trick is reaching your small daily goals and let time do the rest.
Posted at 7:31 PM on Mon 21 November 2011
Yes Rutger, consecutive daily baby step with a dash of relationship wins every time. You need to be accountable and active each day.
This is easy to duplicate and helps everyone achieve their goals.
Thanks for the post my friend.