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Posted at 2:41 AM on Fri 23 September 2011
For weeks now we've been talking here on the group about lead generation. All the posts on the group have been richly answered and commented on and I hope it has helped people to form ideas on how they themselves can generate leads and grow their business.

Now though, I want to take a step extra.
Reading about things is one thing, getting shown by some one, step-by-step what to do is something totally different.
So that is what I'm working on.

Hopefully shortly I'll be announcing the date of a webinar in which I will reveal, step-by-step how I contact people and generate leads right here on MLMSocial. And hopefully we'll have a special guest speaker coming up as well, somebody with over 20 years experience in the MLM industry and one of the top 1% income earners.

More information will follow soon, so stay connected.

Wishing you lots of success,

Rutger Diergaarde