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Posted at 7:38 AM on Wed 16 November 2011
If people have no idea what MLM is about then there is one thing that you could do. Start with them with a simple to understand system that is free for life and has no strings attached.
Simple register them with SCnet link It could be clever to register yourself first (LOL) Just choose a language you understand or use Google translate. If your country is not yes available at the site just choose another one. You can always change it afterwards.
SCnet in Holland is starting the end of this month (November 2011) and is very successful in various other countries.
For presentations in various languages you can always go to my personal sites like: or

Hoping to hear something of awake people within short, Anna & Job
Posted at 11:52 PM on Wed 16 November 2011
Job, I agree with simple to understand and free.
Two very important components. The system
must also include training for free. Great value
is also important benefit. We have such a system.
We also include free valuable beneficial tools.

P.S. I look forward to hearing more from you.