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Posted at 4:43 PM on Thu 31 January 2013
Get Paid For Words! Making money online has never been easier! Tags are worth a lot of money!

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"Kinda like Adwords but you own the Keywords" !

We are Launching April 1st 2013.

What is TagTrading?

So Easy Anyone Can Do It
Can you think of words or phrases people may use when searching for things online? If so, you can MAKE MONEY now!

Welcome to TagTrading, the easiest way to make money ever! TagTrading is literally the art of buying and selling words and phrases. If you can think of words people use to find things online, you can make money here. It is really that simple.

What are Tags?
Tags are the words and phrases people use to search for things online.

Tags are worth a lot of money!

When a person uses a word or phrase to search for something online, they normally see a bunch of advertisements mixed in with the search results.

Take for example the scenario above. Tammy is looking for some new shoes. She uses words or phrases to search for shoes online. She will see results, such as the example on the left.

See the BOLD words in the search results? These are Tags that connect advertisements with Tammy's search. Each and every Tag is earning money for the search engine!

Advertisers have paid the search engine to display their ads any time a person searches using words or phrases related to their goods and services. This is commonly known as Search-Based Advertising. Tags generate billions of dollars for search engines and major ad networks.

Without Tags, online search would be impossible.

Get Paid For Words!
Making money online has never been easier!

Two ways to make money with Tags.
For as little as $1 you can buy great Tags! Just think of great words and phrases that would be used to search for things online, or to connect advertisements with webpages. That's all you need to do to MAKE MONEY here!

Streams of TagTrading Income:


Advertising Commissions 10%
Every single time an advertiser pays money to display an advertisement that is connected to one of your Tags, you will earn 10% of the money paid by the advertiser. The more Tags you own, the more advertising commissions you could get each day!

TagTrading Profits 82%
Every time you sell a Tag to another TagTrader you will get 82% of the sales price. The sales price for all Tags is 140% more than the price you paid for the Tag. TagTrading is the art of buying and selling Tags for profit. The more great Tags you own, the more Tags you can sell.

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Making money online has never been easier!

Welcome to tagVillage Online Advertising Revolution!

Anne Ljostad

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