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Jessamae Gan (leader)
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Group NameCPC Power Play Team Maharlika
Our Mission:
To help as many people as we can to create Financial Freedom they want and deserve.

Our Vision:
To be the best company in the world, by providing an opportunity to build a Home Based Business for Life.

What do you get when you become a Distributor
You receive a Privilege Package, which includes:
•An access to the largest online automotive library, containing hundreds of manuals,
auto repair articles, etc;
•An online car advertising package, consisting of 10 Simple Seller accounts on car selling portals –you can share these accounts with your family and friends, or you can re-sell them;
•An access to Sales Training Course, allowing you to develop your sales skills and to obtain 1 year license if you wish to sell car advertising worldwide;
•3nights/4days vacation in one of 3-5 star hotels around the world*(excluding taxes and Admin fees) for 2 adults and 2 kids;
•Your very own Self Replicating Web site;
•24/7 Account access;
•Virtual Office to manage your business and track your earnings;
•Participation in Various Ongoing Promotions and Events;
All benefits and privileges are available instantly!

How much does it cost?
For those who wish to become CPC System Distributors, we offer this
unsurpassed Privilege Pack for just
USD $300.00
Once-a-Lifetime payment

Don’t have $300 to pay for Privilege Pack?
Buy Starter Package at half price;
Earn money with CPC System;
Pay a balance of the Privilege Package cost!

Paying just $150, you become a Starter Distributor and you receive:
•Online advertising package, which allows you to sell your existing car and help your family members to sell their cars;
•Your very own Self Replicating web site;
•Virtual Office to manage your business and track your earnings;
•You also enter our Preliminary Board, which allows you to earn money towards your Privilege Package.

How do you earn money?
1.You can create multiple income streams with our outstanding Rewards Program.
2.You can share your Sellers Accounts on car selling portals with your family and friends and get paid. As part of your Privilege Package, you receive 10 Sellers account, each $60 worth.
3. You can build a career in traditional sales, using your BuyBestCar License in order to sell advertising to car dealers around the world.

CPC System Compensation Plan consists of:
1.Three boards:

2. Residual Income Bonus;
3. Fortune Pool;
4. Incentives.

Preliminary Board
If you pay $150 for the Starter Pack, you enter into the Preliminary Board.
When you cycle out of this board, you receive $300* to pay for your Privilege Pack, and
you enter the Qualifying Board.

Qualifying Board
BoardBoard fills Left to Right and Bottom to Top
When you purchase your Privilege Package, you enter into the first level of the Qualifying Board. When the board fills, it breaks into two new boards and you go up and finally you cycle out of the Qualifying Board, receiving $300 to your ewallet PLUS entering into the Racing Board.

Racing Board
When you cycle out of the Qualifying Board, you enter the first level of the Racing Board.
You move up when your downline enter this board, cycling out of the Qualifying Board, and the board breaks into two new boards. The more people you have sponsored, the faster you move up.
When you cycle out of the Racing Board, you receive $10 000 into your Online Wallet,
you enter the Grand Prix Board and re-enter the Racing Board!

When you are on the top of the Racing Board, you don’t have to wait until the board splits. You get paid every time when a new member enters this board –no matter who sponsored them! When Rick enters the Racing Board, you get $300 into your e-wallet. When Jo arrives, you get another $300! When the board finally breaks, you receive the balance of $7 600 into your wallet instantly, PLUS re-entry to the Racing Board, PLUS you enter into Grand Prix board!

Grand Prix board
Once you have cycled out of the Racing Board, you enter into the Grand Prix Board. When you cycle out of this board, you get $20 000 to your ewallet, and you re-enter the Grand Prix Board again to get another $20 000.This process goes on and on –there is NO LIMIT to how many times you canre-enter the Grand Prix Board!

When you are on the top of the Grand Prix Board, you instantly get $500 when a new member enters this board. Just imagine –at the same time you may be on the top of the Racing Board, collecting $300 for each new member entering the Racing Board!
When the Grand Prix Board breaks, you get the balance of $20 000 to your ewallet PLUS you re-enter the Grand Prix Board.
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