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Posted at 9:33 PM on Wed 28 July 2010
Whether you are a proficient article marketer or a newbie there is always a challenge that prevents you from getting to the next level. What is that challenge? How can we help you?

In the spirit of sharing, I will go first. Mine is time. Right now I write my blog, and also am doing my best to be active on Ezine articles. Additionally, I just received requests to write an article(s) for two different social networks/community forums. I need more time in the day, and am working on a way to write more effectively in a shorter time frame.
Posted at 11:14 PM on Wed 28 July 2010
Hi Andy. Time is definitely a major factor for me right now too. I am a big advocate of article marketing, and I've been looking at automatic article plugins to integrate with several of my websites. Do you have any experience with them?
Posted at 10:06 AM on Thu 29 July 2010

Actually I have used some RSS feeds for automated articles. I know a few friends really like caffeinated content, but it has not been high on my list as of yet. Take a look at This site is automated RSS feed, which is built on a wordpress plugin.

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