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Mike Castellano (leader)
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Group NameMlM Recruiting
DescriptionAre you interested in building your own downline for your own business,without all the frustration,and would like others to build your own downline for you.Without really doing anything,and you can do what ever you want,while they are building your own downline for you?!Well heres the great info that will def help you build your own downline in your own buisness: This great program gurantees you 15-25 people to become members under you in your own business in just 2-3 months! This is a program that is made up of professional recruiters getting people to become members under you in your own buisness.There number is 201-758-5541.You have to tell them that Mike Castellano referred you and you have to tell them my ad brocker code which is MC12121.The program is open from monday through fridays from 9am to 5pm and 7pm to 9pm eastern standard time.A man named Fred will gladly answer that question and any other questions you might have!
Category MLM Recruiting/Sponsoring