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Robert Williams (leader)
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Group NameRippLn New Gamification Is Now Live Join #1 Top team

I'm now Excepting Inner Circle invites only. Please forward your name, cell number tor text or email me,
so I can send you your invite code to enter into our site.

I'm seeking only 10 - 20 serious individuals to help us launch this in mid to late April 2013! This will be a global international opportunity. Cost to join is FREE during startup!

I can also tell you this bit, what if you had a gaming app that pays you to invite others to join and earn commissions every time someone plays games & More from their mobile smartphone or mobile devices?! You'll get top positioning on my team, once we go live here shortly.

To be the top one in to join, please goto our facebook website for more details.
Thank you. Give our page a FB LIKE Thanks.

Please goto:
Category Networking in Foreign Countries