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Imoleayo Adebiyi (leader)
Group Details
Group Information
Group NameHelping Hands International H2i
DescriptionHelping Hands International
Who We Are?
We're a Team under H2i
What We Do
We work together with our team so as to reach the desired stage
Every new member you bring registers under you, so as to make equal
the benefits
What We Have
A tree, Everyone becomes a boss of their own.
bring atleast 2 Referees then sit and relax, let the referees bring
theirs.. At the end if stage 1 l, you get $58 or more depending on
the total referees...
Invest a little and get more in return
Note you use money to get money...
there are 6 stages
stage 1 : $58 or more
stage 2 : $1000 plus Laptop
stage 3 : $3000 + a small Hyundai car
stage 4: .... Stage 5:....
Stage 6 : Trustee...
It's a one time payment
it's required when creating the account
total transparency
$40 which is 6600naira
And we'll add you to our team Whatsapp group.
Note you're not paying to any of us
You're paying to the organization
If you register under our team referrals, you'll be added to our team
H2i is a Networking Business..
Work Online!
Save Energy!
you can also do your researches
register now and message us!
H2i Rocks
Category Networking in Foreign Countries