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There are so many ways to find inspiration in daily life. it well not require a lot of money or time. the only requirement is to open your spiritual eyes and choose to see life, and life's natural wonders, in a new is wonderful if we just look!

Take a few minutes just for you to click through this gallery for easy ways to observe nature, meditate, clear your head, have a good laugh or simply relax.

Watch the sunrise and sunset from the best vantage point possible!

Look up in to the sky on a bright day and observe the birds in flight!

Read a book or inspirational quotes that help you to believe in the magic of life, words can make you happy

Acknowledge at least five experiences or people in your life that you are grateful for. express gratitude to anyone on your list

Take a walk to a special place that makes you feel connected to nature. enjoy the sights and smells of a beach, garden or greenery

Watch children at play. take a moment to appreciate the spirit and joy they express, and the way they live in the present.

Put on your favorite music and dance, or just listen, let the music move you

Gaze at a piece of art or a photo that makes you feel hopeful and happy, let the colors and images lift your spirits

Pet an animal you love and feel it's heart beat against your skin

sit by a waterfall or on a beach and feel the pure and positive feelings that emanate from water, let water clear your mind

watch a movie or have a fun moment with a loved one that makes you laugh,and laugh some more

smile as often as possible even when you do not feel like it. just the act of smiling will change your day

take a warm bath in scents or bubble bath you love and relax your mind

do something nice for someone in need and allow others to do for you

light a candle and enjoy the warmth of the the fire dance, as it casts a light in your life

tell someone you love them, and mean it. allow someone to express love to you,say i love you

call or get together with an old friend and reminisce about a trully happy time and generate feel-good memories,remember good times

treat yourself to an uplifting movie, a poetry reading, an event or an experience with others that opens your heart

turn your world into a happy and loving place by surrounding yourself with people and things you love, let good people and places abound

make a list of things you would love to do if you had the time and the money and the energy. everyday, allow yourself to daydream that they all come true ! dream about the life you desire

make a wish or say a prayer for world peace and in that moment be live it can be so share your first great success.

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