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$100K in 100 Days Challenge , AdLandPro Affiliates
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MLM Distributor
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I am an MLM Distributor
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Castle Rock
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I work a TAX FREE system (US only) called "The Daily Digital Club (DDC)." It is a very easy program to work but like everything else out there, if people don't or can't do the minimum that is required they will not succeed. I have not found anything that compares to it and will no change unless something better comes along

A person with no money can start for free, there are low costs starting points and some that cost $30 and up.

But there is no free ride. You have to be willing to work, share the Road Map while building your network or people.
My Expertise:
Retired United States Air Force Instructor
Ran my own Financial Services Company with 80 reps
Former Satellite Systems Engineer with Northrop/Grumman
Full time networker for 9years
What You Need Most Right Now:
People who need to create multiple income streams
CEO of Self
Personal Information
About Me:
I love GOD, My children and life.
I love to experience new things and meet new people

When it comes to business, no one will do for you what you must do for yourself. Then you can grab success

Are you up for a Worldwide Challenge?
$100K in 100 Days!

Click on this link and get the details

Work is required, but not much. Using our system makes things go rather smoothly.

(S) Save (Y) Your (S) Self (T) Time (E) Energy (M) Money

Activities and Interests:
Reading, anything with my children, learning from and teaching others, golf, watching other sports (I no longer play) watching Jeopardy (to see what I don't know)
Favorite MLM Trainers/Speakers/Instructors:
Jim Rohn (RIP), Les Brown, Brian Tracy, John C. Maxwell, Mark Victor Hansen,
Favorite Authors:
Myles Munroe, Jim Rohn (RIP), Oliver DeMille, Kouzes & Posner, Les Brown, Brian Tracy, John C. Maxwell, Mark Victor Hansen, Kenneth Blanchard,
Favorite Books:
The Bible, The Go Giver, The Coming Aristocracy, The Anatomy of Peace, A Leader's Legacy, Simon Says, Success with People, The Centurion Principles, Super Achiever Mindsets, Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting; and everything by Myles Munroe, Jim Rohn (RIP) and John C. Maxwell
Favorite Quotations:
"Decide your fate or someone else will"
"The scars of your past tell where you've been and the lessons you had to learn, they do not dictate where you're going, unless you allow them to."
Favorite Music:
Gospel, Jazz, Oldies and R & B
Favorite Movies:
The God Father-Star Wars-Lord of the Ring & Shrek Trilogies, Avatar, Dirty Old Men and Dirtier Old Men, Caddy Shack,
Favorite TV Shows:
Jeopardy, Justified, No Ordinary Family, All Law and Order and CSIs, Anything on the Travel Channel-Food Network-History Channel-Animal Planet-Discovery Channel