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Julie Time for Ne­w BEgINnings­ + LASt of t­he yEAr = Re­play --->­ http://ping­.fm/xP7h4 Yo­ur WElcome! ­sMil
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Time for Ne­w BEgINnings­ + LASt of t­he yEAr = Re­play --->­ http://ping­.fm/xP7h4 Yo­ur WElcome! ­sMil
Updated: 11 year(s) ago

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I Am Julie Salgado .

What Do I have to offer you??

Well...I teach home business owners my tricks and tips
as well as coach anyone looking to work from home.
If you are looking to learn more about the "home business" industry. MLM, or marketing,

Call Me: 262-347-4178

or email:
Personal Information
Favorite Quotations:
"What you allow OTHER men to control determines
your FUTURE and predicts your demise."

What you give away YOU always get to keep

What YOU do to OTHERS God does to YOU

YOU don't have to GET it right, you JUST have to get it going

AS they enter SO shall they leave. Their HISTORY
predicts and forecasts their FUTURE.

You Inventory your SEEDS, not your needs

What you tell OTHERS they CAN DO massages your OWN ego of the same potential and then some. What you CONFIRM to ANOTHER man confirms into your own FUTURE MEMORY of ability.

No one is EVER wrong.They may be IN-CORRRECT, but you never make anyone WRONG; only because their reality is just that. THEIRS and as such, cant be wrong.

NEVER make a CHILD wrong.

Until a leader can CRY in front of his men he ain't no leader

When you leave school house earth, the ONLY possessions you can TAKE with you is ONLY everything you ever gave away for FREE. You are allowed to take FORWARD into enternity---NOTHING else. Your HOUSE and kids STAY here.

Often times, if you TOUCH the HEART of a KING
you often TILT his hand.

Love people / USE money / not vice versa

If you SELL money you will be FORCED to deliver what you SOLD and then that BURDEN becomes too big and then everyone quits BECAUSE you could not deliver what you PROMISED

Your TREASURE stands next to WHAT you hate. Ask Malcolm X, Ali, Jackie Robinson or Bobby Kennedy if that's true.

You don't DECIDE your FUTURE, you discover it. THOSE who decide what their LIFE assignment is END UP hating their JOB. Great people learned to (listen) DISCOVER where they would be MOST used and CELEBRATED by the MOST people. THAT is the behind-the-scenes MAGIC of an Oprah, a Prince, a Fitty Cent, a P. Diddy, a Fly Boy and Madonna.

Great people KNEW they were GREAT before anyone else did and acted INTO their potential INSPITE of themselves in order to fullfil the prophecy that was INSIDE of their heads. And they pressed AHEAD into a BEING that was greater than them.

God is bigger than any single religion created by man

You'll never ever ever OUT-EARN the words that fall from your lips. YOUR words FORECAST your accumulation. What falls FROM your LIPS falls upon and into your hands.

UNTIL children like you, men will resist you. Great people are always adored by CHILDREN and respected by woman.