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Protandim Testimonials (Donny Osmond)
In addition to his performing requirements a family history of cardiovascular disease and stroke and it’s easy to see why Donny’s focus on health and wellness is a passion. “I lost my dear mother [Olive Osmond] to cardiovascular disease and stroke,” explained Donny. “I’m a husband, father and grandfather too. I love my family, and I want to be here for them, I want to love and enjoy them, for as long as I can.”

Because of his zeal for health, Donny was approached by a friend (in 2009) who asked if Donny would consider supplementing his diet with Protandim, the Nrf2 Synergizer. Donny was informed that Protandim had been peer-reviewed with published studies. Donny felt it would important to do his own background check on the product first. “I told him before I could do anything, I needed to run it by my doctor,” Donny said.

Osmond’s doctor, Dr. Daniel Royal, DO, JD, HMD, Physician and Medical Director for the Royal Medical Group in Las Vegas, NV, was at first skeptical about a supplement and its claims to reduce oxidative stress by 40% in 30 days. Dr. Royal watched the ABC Primetime story on Protandim and while Dr. Royal was appreciative of the peer-reviewed, published studies that validated Protandim, he wanted to study it for himself—perform his own tests—to determine its validity and effectiveness.

For the next 90 days, Dr. Royal performed his tests and received very rare and positive results. He then tested Protandim on nine additional subjects, including Donny Osmond, and verified Protandim. Dr. Royal’s perception changed from skepticism to advocacy. He recommended Donny incorporate Protandim into his health routine and to make it a part of his daily health regimen.
“I talk a lot about good health because it’s a priority for me, I believe in staying fit and getting regular exercise,” Donny says.

Thanks for another great Protandim testimonial from Donny Osmond!

Some words of wisdom from Dr.Carol Cohen:

Dr.Carol Cohen… I don’t like to recommend anything to other people unless I try it on myself first and find it genuinely helpful and worth adding to my own lifestyle. I like things to be healthy, natural, and safe. I don’t want them to add a toxic load to my body. I also like to keep my life simple.

I expect to get a lot of mileage from a product: It has to be AAA, 5-star and a 9 out of 10 as far I MY PERSONAL RATING GOES before I would suggest it to people who trust me.

Bottom line on Protandim testimonials, I watch for real and noticeable benefits, as well as my subjective response and sense of well-being. And the COST and effort involved in using it has to make sense. I am not looking to be a mega-consumer. Would you like more information on Protandim? Click here on Protandim Testimonials!