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Ken Here's ­how I'm­ targeting t­he Real Esta­te industry ­for leads...
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Here's ­how I'm­ targeting t­he Real Esta­te industry ­for leads...
Updated: 9 year(s) ago

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I promote all my online businesses through a system. I call it one stop shopping. All my tools are under one roof.
My Expertise:
I've found that 85% of the people that join a Mlm Company fail or give up.

The next 13% barely make enough money to keep the dream alive. The average paycheck is appox $28/mo.

What we all hope for is being in the top 2% that make the money. But is this really possible?

I cover this more in a video on my site take 4 minutes and learn more.
What You Need Most Right Now:
What do I need most right now? I guess it's finding people that need help with their Mlm business. It's showing them there are two version of Mlm Burnout, one is quitting and the other is setting there tires on fire and racing down the track. That's what I need right now, it's to help more people.
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About Me:
I've build businesses, had the companies leave the country, go south with the money, the product was shut down. You name it, it's happened to me.

I've invited friends, family, recruited the gas jockey, store clerk, given out cards, applied the 3, 2, 10 ft rule and even bought just about every program to build a business that you could imagine.

I've been on stage, off stage, I've suffered from Mlm Burnout in every stage from Stage 1 through 4. But guess what?

I still have the dream, I know there is something that will work and it's not what you think! It's something so simple that everyone of has heard about.

It's not show and tell, it's -"Here I can help you."

Http:// is the answer I found. It helps the average person to have an above average chance of building their primary business.

This is my opinion, you may or may not agree with what you are about to experience. But I will guarantee you one thing: You will either suffer from Mlm Burn Out or you can visit Http:// either way, I hope I have helped you.

Ken Hatton