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Posted: Sat 13 November 2010 - 1 comment(s) [ Comment ] - 0 trackback(s) [ Trackback ]
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You know when I was young life, and people were rich! There was a spirit of life
that was so uninfected by fear, I'm only talking about what I know from my
experience through the late 70's and early 80's. I really disconnected in the
90's till today.

When I looked at what I wished that I could achieve, all the things
that I wished that I'd had, things that I thought would make my
life whole and complete they were truly out of my reach, I mean a 14 year
old with a mobile phone, a music video on the flickering screen, a bit
older and an expensive car and clothes to make me gleam.
Today, everything exists to grant almost every wish that a person could
have and indeed many do have all of their wishes! I do look to my past and
imagine just what a kid like me at 14 would do in today's environment,
I expect if I was indeed able to shift time I would revel in the opportunities
available today.

Alas, more sad bored kids, more angry parents more depression, suicide and
generalized gloominess despite having it all, a whole world of information
and possibilities ant a beckoned call. The effort it takes toady to be enthused,
entertained and enlightened is tiny so where is the problem?

That is not mine to answer it is merely an illustration of one man's life view.

So, the point is, me being me is having the time of my life exploring all of
the wishes, wants and dreams that I thought had passed me by. I did always
want to be the best, to be at the top and there was nothing else that would do.
That was the big stopper, believing if I and it were not polished and perfect,
well there was no point in doing it, let alone displaying it. I mean who wants
to look at crappy resolution videos, listen to unedited guitar playing, and make
sense of the ramblings on of an unqualified, and unquantified person. It is about
the journey, how others perceive it, what they say and don't say is of no
concern to me.

And to anybody that thinks that there just is not enough stuff these days to make
a life out of the would do well to pull their head in and to take a look around.
We live in amazing times with the infinite becoming touchable and the impossible
more and more realistic with every passing moment. Seize the day, make it your own!
Strive know and to discover this.

My life is truly mine, it is the only life I have. I am glad that I have never
forgotten just how much the dreams of my youth were always of me and never apart
from me.

So it up to us who believe to reinvest in the spirit and dreams, maybe to show the way
by being and doing, to show that this is the life worth having.