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Posted: Thu 11 November 2010 - 1 comment(s) [ Comment ] - 0 trackback(s) [ Trackback ]
Category: Opinion

In my experience, I think that the biggest gap for a person to overcome, with regard to earning money online, also is the smallest for another. The detail within the framework of network marketing is incredible, while the essence is very simple.

I think the whole game comes down to, for me, do I like what I represent to the degree that its value is greater than its cost, and knowing this am I prepared to speak on behalf of the companies that I represent within their compliant guidelines. Simply, I love the endurance and rewards of everything I buy and own, and the lifestyle that affords gives me.
The mainstream media has people talking about products for zero return, they call them shows & commercials and sponsored everything's. People communicate about fictitious characters like they exist and speak as though a company is the event that it sponsors.
Almost as soon as we privately or publically speak about our life, loves and products, unless they have been manipulated into the main mind stream, we are outed as Network Marketers as though we have no right to spruik our wares.
Yeah right! Cash is cash and we all decide on what we buy, how we use it and what it represents, but who decides on what they sell? I do.
Advertising and promotion never had it so well as to get a couple of billion walking talking human billboards obsessed about how they feel about their feelings when a fictitious screen written character dies! Early Wednesday morning Nov 10. my time, a huge missile launched out of the sea off of L.A. Nobody knew whose it was and didn’t really care, I saw it in the Twitter trend.  In Australia there was no news story until a snippet of a post in the early evening. If a missile launched from ocean in front of the Gold Coast, Queensland Australia while you were asleep, would you want to know?
(FB) 10-11-10    I built a new gate today; that allowed me to view the T.V. headlines & news. On Twitter this morning a topic trended, I was sure the story would not be broadcast on Australian media. The morning view raised the eyebrows a bit as not so much for the story, although amazing to see but for the style of news report. Hmm, big! Wow isn't it pretty. Best guess is,...., well it is what is!
What Twitter offered was incredible, the response on my FB page a given, Lol! What was shown to the mob...... well they would never have known what hit them!
Reality is beyond the media, it is in the hearts of those who seek to promote the value of their choice as active consumers and as a active human beings.
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