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Anion Sanitary Napkins
Created: 9 year(s) ago
★ Releasing negative ions:
The new style negative ions and anti bacteria chip for sanitary towel can release negative ions which can inflow into the body.
About the Negative Ions:
Approved by the U.S. FDA (Food & Drug Admin.) as an approved allergy treatment.
Adjust the stimulation and inhibiting action of the central
Nerve Anion→ Alveolus→ blood→ Blood brain barrier→ Cerebrospinal fluid →Central nervous system
Improve the lung’s ventilation functions, Anion→ respiratory tract mucosa, promote the motivation of the mucosa cilium, gland exudation ↑,smooth muscle excitability↑, ventilation↑
Reduce the blood pressure Anion→ monoamine oxidase (MAO) →oxidative deaminization →the concentration of 5-HT,eatecholamine and noradrenalin ↓reduce the blood pressure
Stimulate the hemopoiesis, normalize the blood ingredient, Anion→ blood, enhance the erythrocyte’s repulsion→ slow down the ESR. Anion→ Splinic function ↑, Erythrocyte &blood calcium ↑.
Accelerate the histolytic biological oxidation-reduction.
Anti-virus, promote the immunologic function.
Anion (super oxide anion free radical) has high bioactivity, which play an important role in sterilization.
Anion give the epithelial cell negative electric charge which will increase the repulsion to the anions with the same charge and deprive the virus’ attack ability to the cells.
Anion can promote the Iymphopoiesis

★ Anti bacteria function
The new style negative ions and anti bacteria chip combined with sliver, metal ions, tombarthite and TiO2 by unique technology. It has effective Anti-bacterial function; the anti-bacterial rate is above 90% for many kinds of bacterium, some up to 99%.

★ Far infrared function
The new style negative ions and anti bacteria chip has the far infrared function.

About the Far infrared function:
1. To activate cell organization and accelerate blood circulation
2. To accelerate nutrient and enzyme supply and advance metabolism
3. To deodorize, dehumidify, heat preserve, strengthen immunity system and have the antibiotic function
4. Far infrared has the characteristics of forwarding, refrangibility, emanation, glint and its attains deeply into the absorb scope of human beings.
5. Far infrared is physical ray, biogenetic ray, can reserve heat and it is widely applied in medication.
6. All in all, far infrared has three characteristics: emanation, permeation and sympathy absorbing thus active energy and benefit health.
Because far-infrared has all the advantages above, it has good prevent and reconstruction function for rheumatism, arthritis, tendon pull, ligament sprain, neck pain, back pain etc.

1、Releasing negative ions effectively, stably and continuously.
2 Effective Anti-bacterial function
3 Safety
4 Simple