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Washing Ball/Laundry Ball
Created: 9 year(s) ago
� Washing Ball Is The Latest Invention In Washing Technology
� No detergent needed , chemical free wash keeps your clothes soft & tender,No color fading,increases the life of clothes.
� One Ball reusable up to 100 times.
� Cheap & affordable, only Re 1/- per wash
� What is a Washing Ball Washing ball is an ideal substitute of washing powder, with strong
� decontamination ability and not harmful for clothing. Washing ball is round plastic ball,inner is packed
� with multifunctional washing balls.
� How does it work : Wonder washing balls are made of natural ceramics and manufactured in a
� specialized high heat process. Once the washing balls are placed into water filled washing machine, the
� water molecules go through an ionization reaction and generate hydroxyl ions which have hydrophillic
� and hydrophobic properties, and become surfactant molecules which remove dirt. Because on ionization
� and reaction with far infrared ray, water loses its surface tension and attains penetration, dispersion and
� soaking properties, becoming the surfactant.
� Further more, water disolved by the washing ball has improved washown anctibacterial, deodorization, skin care,and improved water quality
� How to Use : Fill the washing machine with water, soak clothes and keep the washing ball on top of it.
� The better will be the wash the longer you soak the clothes.
� For Hand wash : Presoak the washing ball and clothes for 20 mins, then wash gently with hands. After wash keep the washing ball in a dry place

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