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Andrew Molev | Bojabie | SLC, Utah | Video Conferencing | | If Only I Understood the Real Power of Social Media and Controlling My Digital Reputation


Right now you may be thinking to yourself, how did he do that?  Amazing!

Most people find it very flattering and call me to say, “Thank you for the boost on Google.”  And truthfully, I really like helping people augment their reputations and gain a better understanding of the power of Google Indexing – it’s my passion!  We live in a digital world and your digital reputation is your real reputation nowadays.  Having the right information on the first page of Google is the key to capturing sales and it’s the key to controlling public perceptions.  The old saying, “Perception is Reality” has never been more true than it is today.  So, I have a couple of hard questions for you to wrap your brain around:  (1) Do you feel clueless or do you know exactly what you need to do to take control of your reputation?  (2) How confident are you with your (digital) reputation?

~12 Critical Business Lessons that Barack Obama Used to Win the 2008 Election:
(Has anything changed since 2008Yes!  It’s more important NOW!)

1.  A centralized customer database is the difference = Wise Marketing

2.  Social Networks quickly leverage vast audiences

a.  Are you set up on at 7 networks?

3.  YouTube is a powerful tool to spread your message

a.  Is your YouTube Channel branded?

4.  No sale is too small in generating a customer relationship

5.  Properly messaged targeted email will create swift cash

6.  A managed social network will succeed if it fills a void

7.  Micro-websites on niche topics will generate audience exposure

8.  Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is critical:

a.  Specifically targeted online-banner advertising

9.  Mobile applications engage your audience anytime/anywhere

10.  Twitter enables quick notification to audiences

a.  Do you receive Tweets automatically?

11.  Blogging creates an image of expertise (when done properly)

12.  When transactions are expected, don’t give the consumer any excuse not to buy

~Social Media Facts:  Barack Obama vs. John McCain (2008)

Obama:  2,379,102  (+381%)

McCain:  620,359

Obama:  833,161  (+379%)

McCain:  217,811

Blog Postings:
Obama:  400,263

McCain:  101,187

Text Message Alerts:
Obama:  1,285,494

McCain:  283,376

Social Media Supporters:
Obama:  5,100,000 (15 different Networks)

McCain:  1,800,000 (6 Social Networks)

YouTube Subscribers:
Obama:  114,559 (+403%)

McCain:  28,419

YouTube Views:
Obama:  18,413,110 (+905%)

McCain:  2,032,893

Obama’s Massive YouTube Efforts:
139,000+ Videos Uploaded

1,800 Official Video Clips

“Yes We Can” Music Video = 14,200,000+ Views

15 Videos with 1 Million+ Views

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