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 Smash Solutions


Smash Social is the latest addition to the Smash Solutions array of business tools. At Smash Social  you can create groups and albums, upload videos and naturally connect with others, advertise your business, send out emails and create campaigns. That's just a few of the functions available to you.


Smash Solutions is an all-in-one business hub that you can join for free. Once you're in you may never want to leave!


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I realize there are several members of located on this site. For those of you that aren't using Skype anymore or you aren't in the M2E Development Counsel room, I have an announcement. 


In an effort to boost all of the positive announcements that are coming down the pipline, I have created a new network and I'm looking for Me2everyone Members to join it. Here is what I've posted in the Skype rooms.


Interested? You know how to contact me!



Interested in joining the WARM (Web And Reputation Management) Network? There are still plenty of vacancies.

The WARM Network is designed to boost any articles, press releases and news that M2E puts out along with getting you backlinks, contacts and likes for your blog(s) and social media locations. Anyone that would like to be a member of the WARM Network, please PM me with your URLs for:


1. Your blog(s) that you want in the network that will contain M2E News.

2. Your social media accounts where you will be posting M2E News.

3. Your IBO Social profile (preferably the IBO-URL tracker) if you are posting PRs from our M2E News.


By M2E News I mean ALL the topics covered in our news section on the site. I would like to start this network with a maximum of 100-200 people to see how well it can be managed manually and from there make sugguestions to M2E Evolution LTD since this will benefit all of us including the Evolution Network. We already have a blogging room and Twitter room, so I guess the next one on the list would be a WARM Network room for M2E members on Skype and get into the details once the room has been created.


If you are NOT connected to me yet, please mention WARM Network in your first post to connect. I don't always accept contact requests because of all the hackers, spammers and crazies on the system.


I need you to post in this format:


First & Last Name:

M2E ID Number:

Email Address:


Your email address will not be shared. I need it for accessing documents that are created and shared in Google Drive. Why Google Drive? Just about everyone has a Gmail account and we don't have to worry about conflicted copies being created for the document. 


If you have a blog I need the type and the URL for example,

WordPress: YOUR_URL

Blogger: YOUR_URL

Live Journal: YOUR_URL


For the social media locations I just need the Username, ID, or subdomain for each one. For example: 

Facebook: User_ID only (the number)

Twitter: User_ID only (Please do not include the  "@" sign so I can/copy/paste the information to a spreadsheet.)

Tumblr: SubDomainName only

etc., etc.


If you have one extra social media account (that's not a blog) and it's not on a site listed below, please post the entire URL for me. I have a column that will allow for one "Other" URL.


For the social media URLs I already have the main URL for:


1. Apsense

2. Delicious

3. Digg

4. Facebook

5. Flickr

6. Foursquare

7. Google+

8. IBO Social

9. Inbound

10. Instagram

11. LinkedIn

12. Myspace

13. Pinterest

14. Quora

15. Rebel Mouse

16. Reddit

17. Scoop It

18. StumbleUpon

19. Tmblr

20. Twitter

21. Vimeo

22. Youtube



Hope to see you there!