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Smash Solutions' Independent Business Owners (IBO) are starting to receive weekly updates on Monday and Friday giving us the latest and greatest news about everything SMASH!

Smash Solutions' launch is just around the corner!
They will be launching the Smash features in multiple phases since they have a large number of IBOs coming on all at once. Since they are a massive enterprise system it makes sense to implement the features in phases considering it "best practice". With all the features available to everyone, it would be overwhelming for them and for the IBOs to learn everything at once. Yes there are that many features available to us for free! Have you seen the list?
Some of the features that will be available once Smash Solutions launches are the:
  1. Contact Manager Module, 
  2. Events Manager Module, 
  3. Calendar Manager Module, 
  4. Task Manager Module, 
  5. IWowWe integration to your video email and video conference system which will also fuel your very own Personal Virtual Assistant (PVA).
Naturally all the IBOs will have their:
  • Member Profile, 
  • Marketing Tracking Module, 
  • Shopping Cart, and 
  • SMASH ‘Premier’ Upgrade Package so we will be able to start earning commissions right away!
If you're wondering about the Upgrade Package, that would be for individuals that exceed their 2GB limit for their personal database OR request special services from Smash Solutions. For most individuals on the Internet 2GB is more than enough storage space for what they need to do. If you exceed that amount you should be making a really great income with that much information stored and you wouldn't mind upgrading a module or two.
To find out how to get started, click here.