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The Quest: Rise of Emodo


Complete Earth LLC has had a Kickstarter campaign going on for several days now. They just announced earlier today that they've met their $36,000 goal! Now the fun begins. They are making some new announcements that can benefit YOU!!! It's not too late to make a pledge and get your name or your company name embedded in the game.


In the meantime, 


  • Wouldn't you love to earn 24% commission from finding other people who support Complete Earth LLC's Kickstarter campaign? 
  • Wouldn't you like to keep earning commission from them when they play the game?


How about becoming a Finder for free? Just select the graphic image above for a direct download with more information.  If anyone asks, make sure you mention my name. It's Celes. They know who I am!


Want to spread the news to your smartphone contacts? Here is the QR Code.



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Category: Miscellaneous

 I've been posting information about Me2everyone (M2E™) and Smash Solutions, but I haven't mentioned anything about the new network that was created for a small number of members at Me2everyone - a social ecosystem. 


It's called the WARM Network and the members receive training in several different categories that will help them really get noticed on the Internet.


Members of Me2everyone that can access Skype are welcome to join us!


We've had several classes already, but the room is setup so new members can read the previous history and take it step by step through the training after being added to the network. 


All of the members are required to supply some basic information such as their Me2everyone ID Number, an email address for accessing documents that are stored in the clouds, their blog location(s) and social media location(s). 


Want to know what they've learned so far?

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Category: Success Univ. Training

Success UniversitySuccess University powered by Smash Solutions has announced their free training schedule for next week.


This week the times were set to make it more convenient for members and their guests in the UK time zone.


Next week will be for members and guests in the US time zones. 


While you are vsiting my blog, take a look at the benefits you could receive from the free training!


Take advantage of the free feature rich tools that will be availalabe on the site once they launch!

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Category: Coaching


 I attended another Independent Business Owner Marketing Training yesterday powered by Smash Solutions . We were given new information on how to move up in the company to become a leader and trainer called on by the Corporate Office!


Read more about it in the blog I've created just for keeping all of my readers informed about Smash Solutions and Success University. Smash Solutions will be launching soon! Success University has already had several free online training groups complete their free classes. We didn't realize until yesterday that the members of Smash are actually being groomed to become possible trainers of future classes! 


Read more about it here.

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Have you ever had one of those days where you found yourself logging in and out of social sites and oher locations in an attempt to handle your MLM Marketing and you were totally frustated once you were done? 


Have you said to yourself, "There's got to be a better way?"


I have been marketing online for a number of years and discovered a few methods to shorten my work efforts, but I still had to log in and out of a lot of locations just to get my work done. was great for making blog posts and having the system blast out the title and a URL to several different locations, but they are shutting down at the end of this month. HootSuite can handle some features also.




Anything I used always had something missing!


I've tried Basecamp for project management, Google Drive and Dropbox for content management, MailChimp for my email campaigns, Skype for my VoIP service, lots of social media sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter and many others for social media marketing.


I'm sure you understand what I'm getting at!


Now there's

Smash Solutions

the all-in-one business hub that's free!




It has all the management tools you'll ever need PLUS you can setup your social media accounts AND your own networks right there on the site. Imagine blasting a post to all your social media accounts at one time OR to a select few based on your settings. Also, imagine creating your own personal network and being able to communicate with all of your recruits at a particular affilate program! 


Besides being able to communicate at all my social sites from one location, another feature that got me excited was the the one for adding your contacts. You know how you join a site and they ask you to tap into your email account (Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail) to invite your contacts to join you? Well, at Smash Solutions your contacts are actually added to YOUR personal database in the cloud. It doesn't stop there!! The system automatically crawls the Internet to gather any and all public information that is available for each of your contacts based on their email address. Pretty cool contact management system huh? 


To learn more about Smash Solutions and to find out how to get started for free, please visit my blog

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I realize there are several members of located on this site. For those of you that aren't using Skype anymore or you aren't in the M2E Development Counsel room, I have an announcement. 


In an effort to boost all of the positive announcements that are coming down the pipline, I have created a new network and I'm looking for Me2everyone Members to join it. Here is what I've posted in the Skype rooms.


Interested? You know how to contact me!



Interested in joining the WARM (Web And Reputation Management) Network? There are still plenty of vacancies.

The WARM Network is designed to boost any articles, press releases and news that M2E puts out along with getting you backlinks, contacts and likes for your blog(s) and social media locations. Anyone that would like to be a member of the WARM Network, please PM me with your URLs for:


1. Your blog(s) that you want in the network that will contain M2E News.

2. Your social media accounts where you will be posting M2E News.

3. Your IBO Social profile (preferably the IBO-URL tracker) if you are posting PRs from our M2E News.


By M2E News I mean ALL the topics covered in our news section on the site. I would like to start this network with a maximum of 100-200 people to see how well it can be managed manually and from there make sugguestions to M2E Evolution LTD since this will benefit all of us including the Evolution Network. We already have a blogging room and Twitter room, so I guess the next one on the list would be a WARM Network room for M2E members on Skype and get into the details once the room has been created.


If you are NOT connected to me yet, please mention WARM Network in your first post to connect. I don't always accept contact requests because of all the hackers, spammers and crazies on the system.


I need you to post in this format:


First & Last Name:

M2E ID Number:

Email Address:


Your email address will not be shared. I need it for accessing documents that are created and shared in Google Drive. Why Google Drive? Just about everyone has a Gmail account and we don't have to worry about conflicted copies being created for the document. 


If you have a blog I need the type and the URL for example,

WordPress: YOUR_URL

Blogger: YOUR_URL

Live Journal: YOUR_URL


For the social media locations I just need the Username, ID, or subdomain for each one. For example: 

Facebook: User_ID only (the number)

Twitter: User_ID only (Please do not include the  "@" sign so I can/copy/paste the information to a spreadsheet.)

Tumblr: SubDomainName only

etc., etc.


If you have one extra social media account (that's not a blog) and it's not on a site listed below, please post the entire URL for me. I have a column that will allow for one "Other" URL.


For the social media URLs I already have the main URL for:


1. Apsense

2. Delicious

3. Digg

4. Facebook

5. Flickr

6. Foursquare

7. Google+

8. IBO Social

9. Inbound

10. Instagram

11. LinkedIn

12. Myspace

13. Pinterest

14. Quora

15. Rebel Mouse

16. Reddit

17. Scoop It

18. StumbleUpon

19. Tmblr

20. Twitter

21. Vimeo

22. Youtube



Hope to see you there!


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Category: Motivation

 I belong to a group on Skype called the Bubble of Energy. It's designed to motivate, teach the Law of Attraction (LOA), positive thinking, self improvement, universal consciousness and more. Every so often I would have a conversation and post something that some would consider very motivating or enlightening. 

Eventually I decided to collect all of my posts and place them on a site to share with others. Today I was surfing around the Internet looking for something that had nothing to do with quotes and I noticed a result that looked very familiar, so I clicked it. It was one of my quotes on another site with my name attached to it!


Boy was I surprised. The first quote that I ever posted on my online account was displaying elswhere.


Since I've never shared any of my quotes with anyone outside of the Bubble of Energy room, I thought I'd share a few with my friends here at MLM Social.




"The young and the old live for the moment. The ones in the middle are still searching for that moment."
-- Celestine Gray


"Some folks are so busy projecting their own thoughts and feelings into situations that they don't know how to sit back and observe from another perspective."
-- Celestine Gray


"Remember, you are where you're supposed to be at any given point and time of the day. The people around you are supposed to be there for a reason. You may not know what that reason is, but the universe will let you know in due time. When you ask for something and it is given, it doesn't always present itself as you expect it to! Instead of dismissing the people around you, recognize why they are there."
-- Celestine Gray

"In order to advance in life, you have to accept what you are doing, learn from it and grow."
-- Celestine Gray


If you would like to visit my profile and read some more, please go to:


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Category: New Companies



Smash Solutions' Independent Business Owners (IBO) are starting to receive weekly updates on Monday and Friday giving us the latest and greatest news about everything SMASH!

Smash Solutions' launch is just around the corner!
They will be launching the Smash features in multiple phases since they have a large number of IBOs coming on all at once. Since they are a massive enterprise system it makes sense to implement the features in phases considering it "best practice". With all the features available to everyone, it would be overwhelming for them and for the IBOs to learn everything at once. Yes there are that many features available to us for free! Have you seen the list?
Some of the features that will be available once Smash Solutions launches are the:
  1. Contact Manager Module, 
  2. Events Manager Module, 
  3. Calendar Manager Module, 
  4. Task Manager Module, 
  5. IWowWe integration to your video email and video conference system which will also fuel your very own Personal Virtual Assistant (PVA).
Naturally all the IBOs will have their:
  • Member Profile, 
  • Marketing Tracking Module, 
  • Shopping Cart, and 
  • SMASH ‘Premier’ Upgrade Package so we will be able to start earning commissions right away!
If you're wondering about the Upgrade Package, that would be for individuals that exceed their 2GB limit for their personal database OR request special services from Smash Solutions. For most individuals on the Internet 2GB is more than enough storage space for what they need to do. If you exceed that amount you should be making a really great income with that much information stored and you wouldn't mind upgrading a module or two.
To find out how to get started, click here.
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Smash SolutionsSmash Solutions


I've been marketing on the Internet for several years and have always found it annoying with logging in and out of sites just to get my work done. Several years ago I decided to start using a Password Manager since I had so much information to remember ... if you know what I mean.


All of us are familiar with social media marketing; otherwise, we wouldn't be on this site. Let's not forget about all the blogs located here and there and connecting the accounts so they blast certain information to other accounts. 


Lots of work .... so little time. Gee!


Well, just a few weeks ago I was introduced to a site named Smash Solutions that is combining all the necessary tools that are used online for managing your business and they will all be located on one site. Best of all it's F*R*E*E


What really got my attention at the my first webinar before joining were:


The feature rich components located in the back office and they're all located in modules so you can use what you need and leave the rest alone. 


The "Add your Contacts" feature which crawls the Internet to locate all the information it can find for each contact's email address, including their social media locations, Skype information along with business and personal information if it has been made available to the public. It takes all that information and puts it in your own personal database stored in the cloud!


The Social Media Network that YOU create allowing you to add 70+ accounts so you never have to sign into sites like this one again. You can actually do everything from Smash Solutions as though you were signed in here. 


The Personal Virtual Assistant(s) that will handle some of the work for you. It's just like having a real assistant working for you! You'll have to see them in action.


The Project Management system which is a complete system for managing your individual projects, your team AND clients! Then there's the Advertising Manager, Campaign Manager, Events Manager and more!


After visiting the webinar I signed up and created a blog just to share all the information. Then I found out that they have free training so you can learn more about marketing on the Internet at Success University poweed by Smash Solutions! They have six classes (webinars) and two very special classes called Dream Designer that you will absolutely love. 


Interested in learning more about Smash Solutions? You can visit my blog and read all about each feature, watch some videos about Smash Solutions, get the information to join us at our Wednesday webinars or fill out the form so I can send you information on how to get started. Just select the links in the top menu or in the sliding menu on your right.