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Conrad has new offe­rs available­ on betWize ­Casino and S­portsbook
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has new offe­rs available­ on betWize ­Casino and S­portsbook
Updated: 10 year(s) ago

Basic Information
First Name:
Middle Initial:
Last Name:
Birthday: (44 years old)
Relationship Status:
Contact Information
My Company:
My Company :
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My Website:
Skype Messenger ID:
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Mobile Number:
Home Number:
17 Tenth Avenue Villas
Apt/Suite (or Address 2):
111 10th Avenue
Zip/Postal Code:
Social Networks
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Education and Work
MLM Experience:
Established Business (1-3 years)
Primary MLM Company:
BetWize Affiliates
Other MLM Companies:
Dream Poker Affiliates
Star Partner Affiliate Program
My Expertise:
Having been in the online gaming industry for 6 years dealing with affiliate marketing and sales as well as affiliate program management and I have been blessed to be a part of many developments that have taken place within the industry and enjoy acquiring new business partners and the relationships that are built. The most important part to me of joining any acquisition and sales team is being able to maximize the potential from mutually beneficial business relationships.

I have a passion for customer service and SLA streamlining, agent skills development and QA. I would like to be a part of a dynamic team that raises the bar in service delivery, to be the new benchmark within the Call Center industry. I believe that it is possible to deliver quality service without impeding the ability to deliver on the quantity required for any business model.
What You Need Most Right Now:
I am looking for webmasters that are targeting their traffic
directly based on content found on their websites or
indirectly by selling ad space aimed towards the online gaming industry. I am looking for Non-US traffic for
those web users that would be interested in online
gaming. I have several revenue models available that
include CPA, CPM or Revenue Share.
High School:
Technical Diploma: Maths; Science; Technical Drawing; Applied Mechanics; English, Afrikaans and Computer Science
* Earn up to 50% for the lifetime of your referrals.
* No Negative Carry-overs
* No Brand bundling
* No player minimum
* Zero Royalties Fees
* Zero Processing Fees
* Access to a robust affiliate back-end
Affiliate Manager