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"I believe a person must be true to them self, never quit and live their dreams."

Hello...Welcome to my site.....

I have been a nurse for over 27 yrs. For many years I raised my family of three children and worked hard as a nurse. The long hrs.the missed holidays and the stress were just to much. I saw that nursing was not going to provide me the retirement I wanted and deserved.

I'm a certified professional life coach and nurse, I'm constantly helping people in one way or another. One of the best ways I know .I can help with is to save them money where they can. Lets face it, we can all cut our budgets in one place or another.

I wanted more out of life with the freedom and time to enjoy the little things before it got to be too late. Several years ago I got involved in a few working from home things that I truly believe helps not just me but, other people in everyday life. This to me was my answer for retirement and out of nursing grind.

Having the foresight to plan ahead, I help others to do the same so they can protect themselves against the unforeseen. I enjoy what I do because I can still help people like I do in nursing. One of my passions is to assist others with their goals and visions by guiding them to reach them.

That's when I made the decision to become a certified professional life coach. I realized so many people were struggling with everyday issues that I had gone through myself and overcame and felt I could help others see through these times and offer ways to help them through these times and reach their personal goals and visions in life as well.

Everyday stresses are all around us and I realize that people have trouble dealing with certain aspects of these situations and deal with them in different ways.Knowing how this could effect a person mentally and physically I really felt I could help guide others in their life’s journey.

If you are a nurse, a stay home mom/dad,would love to work from home or just want to start planning for your retirement and be financially independent ..I would love to connect with you and coach you on how I did it.

I am an Entrepreneur. I am working with companies that save people money.I love teaching people how to brand and market themselves. Let's face it in order to get seen on the internet you need exposure and branding yourself.

These are some of the things I do...