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Dr Chris Things are h­appening....­:)
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Green Zone Energy , Marketing on the Web.
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Things are h­appening....­:)
Updated: 10 year(s) ago

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I am a practicing doctor who uses different nutritional products with patients on a daily basis. I have always gotten wonderful results with patients but never had a product that really "wowed" me, or could handle a really complicated case. I was introduced to a product Enzacta produces called Alfa PXP Royale and it answered all of my questions and can help anyone with any health condition. I didn't know anything about MLM prior to this and really didn't want anything to do with it. But after seeing the results people were experiencing, I needed to get the word out about how great this product really is. It's not a hyped up "anti-oxidant" that most products thrive with, (although there are anti-oxidant properties in the PXP) but it's truly a product that will change the way natural health will be once you get your hands on the product. It's truly gratifying to know I can stand behind a product that will make such a difference in a person's life, as well as them developing wealth through such a wonderful company.
What You Need Most Right Now:
I am looking for anyone with a health condition, health problem, cancer, disease, whatever that would like to get their health back. I know everyone has a family member or friend that has some health problem that needs to be addressed. Start by ordering a bottle of PXP and give it a try and see for yourself.

I'm also looking for anyone interested in making more Money with Enzacta. Great products and great compensation that adds up quickly, and you get paid to unlimited depths, forever. You get paid from points generated from product ordered, which includes your own! This compensation plan is easy to follow, updated daily, and paid daily. I stand right behind these products and the ability to make more money doing it. Join my team today!
High School:
Litchfield High School
University of Minnesota-Duluth
Logan College of Chiropractic

Patten Chiropractic Center
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About Me:
A am a husband and father of 1, with one child on the way! I am a Christian man that stumbles at times, but because of God's grace I get a new day and I get to keep pressing forward.
I'm a practicing doctor who see patients 6 days a week and I love anything and everything about health, fitness, nutrition, and chiropractic! I get to see miracles often because of how chiropractic can effect a person's health!
I love people and love working with people. I try to do my job better everyday, and introduce health and wellness to someone new everyday. One of my greatest feelings in the world is when you can make a difference in someone's life, teach them something new, they learn from it, and they now become a lifetime learner and teacher. That's how legacies are formed and ideas are transferred.
I have a passion for the outdoors, fishing, hunting at times, sports, camping, exercising, and just spending time with my family just chillin'.
Activities and Interests:
Fishing walleys, crappies, sunfish, and now muskie's! Any day in the boat or on the ice is a good day, whether they bite or not!
Sports- basketball, tennis, running, golf, fishing, skiing,
Spending time with my family, inside or outside!