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As the economic tides are turning rough, customer acquisition and retention becomes more difficult. To make it through this tough time, it is important to focus on building a relationship with your customers. These relationships can be created by implementing strategies that will help you attract and retain customers even in a harsh economy. Direct selling businesses must learn how to build and maintain strong relationships with their customers in order to stay afloat during these turbulent times. In fact, it's usually easy to attract new customers with effective strategies and aggressive sales tactics. The real challenge for direct selling businesses lies in retaining these potential customers once they are acquired.



Direct selling companies who have an inactive customer base are losing a large amount of potential revenue.  Various strategies must be adopted  to reactivate customers by implementing effective remarketing campaigns and automated messages. One key strategy is to use real-time conversation technology like chatbots or click-to-call buttons that will be able to communicate instantly with customers in order to address any concerns they may have about their purchase or deadline.

Network marketing businesses need a clear strategy for engaging their customers wherever they may be shopping or communicating. The first step is gathering customer insights through analytics on all touchpoints—calls, messages, email, social media, mobile app. With this information, directselling entrepreneurs can make more effective data-driven decisions in the future.

 For most organizations, the customer data acquired from various channels are fragmented and need to be unified in order to generate reports. Segmenting customer data will help network marketing businesses make informed decisions on what they can do with their customers. Segmenting these data is not only for sales teams but also for marketing departments as well because this strategy will enable them to analyze the customer behavior of their targeted audience. Also, the main objective of segmenting your customers' information is to give an accurate picture of current customer status.


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In the world of network marketing, teams are made up of distributors who come together to share ideas and talents. Team of distributors help people work together more efficiently than they would working alone. A successful team will not only accomplish tasks faster, but also with greater efficiency because members can trade off different skill sets depending on what's needed at the time. Team building is one of the most crucial skills for an entrepreneur to follow. If you are able to build a great team,, then your chances of being successful will increase exponentially. A great team can be built by giving distributors liberty and space so that they can develop distributors team building skills. The only way that you'll be able to create a strong bond between members on your team is if they're all given an opportunity to participate in the decision making process.

There are plenty of communication channels for the direct selling organization to choose from, but not all are equally effective.  A single platform with voice, video and screen-sharing enabled for distributors with one-on-one and group messaging that is equipped with a tagging facility to help the distributors seek solutions from experts across the network. Network marketing companies are one such business that allow their distributors to work in their own space. A responsible entrepreneur should be able to manage these distributors so effectively. But, the distributors who are  working remotely are faced with challenges to stay engaged and productive. To keep the team of distributors connected, entrepreneurs need to invest in communication tools, such as video chat and online collaboration apps. There are many other ways also to engage your distributors  including  remote meetings, presentation and file sharing tools. It is also important to assign tasks to each member so that they can complete them at their own pace without sacrificing quality or progress in other areas.



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Attracting, retaining and motivating your best talent is critical for a direct selling business success. But what do you do when the business environment changes. Entrepreneurs must find out new ways to encourage the distributors. The most valuable part of any direct selling company is the distributor. They are responsible for all customer engagement and retention, building a strong sales team, and boosting profitability. So it's essential to keep distributors engaged with your business. They bring value with their just-in-time procurement strategies to risk management, and from relationships with customers they can bring customer continuity. 





When your team’s performance is measured and rewarded, they will always keep that in their minds. It provides them with the motivation to work hard for success. Gamification uses game-like techniques to engage people in solving problems and accomplishing goals. Product quizzes and organizational surveys help people learn better. In a nutshell, setting milestones and rewards can boost your productivity and sales rate.Providing them with proper training can enhance their skills.


Fun is important in the workplace. It helps distributors relieve stress and boosts engagement. Creativity and innovation come from fun, too. Competitive contests can make things interesting for everyone - which also encourages them to be more innovative. If you want to be successful in network marketing, then it's important that you know how to best motivate your distributors. The best way to do this is by showing them their achievements on a daily basis. Make your distributors feel valued and that they are part of the family they will then be aiming for better results. To manage teams’ emotional intelligence, create self-awareness and self-regulation practices. Improve their social skills and encourage each member to open up with their opinions and ideas. As a distributor, you need to be able to find value in your network marketing business thus enhancing the engagement for success of your direct selling business.




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Direct selling businesses today are heavily depend on lead Generation as it enables to generate more traffic to your business which may lead to the further conversion of such found leads into customers. This leads to an increase in conversion rates helping network marketing business gain huge profits in the process. A number of benefits are also associated with this form of marketing, and these include: 1) Increased Sales Volume 2) Increases Exposure for Business Branding 3) Generates qualified customers.


A lead generation strategy is an important part of a direct selling business and one that can be used to generate leads for your business.  Entrepreneurs have a need to generate leads for direct selling business and this is done by using various lead generation techniques.

So what is exactly the lead generation?  Lead generation is the process of attracting consumers' attention to a product or service and converting them into potential customers. It could be through social media, email campaigns, attractive product logs, etc. 

Social media can help you to build a strong brand online. It is not just about telling your customers to buy your products. It's also about building relationships with them. Track the people who show the engagement on your posts. Follow up with them, nurture them, and convert them into high-quality leads. 


Email marketing campaigns are one of the most powerful tools for reaching out the customers. These campaigns have the potential to produce significant profits for companies as long as they are implemented properly and strategically so that netwok marketing businesses can maximize their revenue and get your business more exposure .

Product Catalogs serve a very important role in marketing by providing detailed information about products. Keep your customers coming back to your digital catalogs by delivering the right products in an easy-to-use format. Distributors must make sure that they are conveying what all benefits can they receive by using your product.



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Direct selling is the act of selling products to end-users, either in person or by means of an intermediary.The benefits of direct selling include flexible working hours, the ability to work part-time or full-time, the opportunity to choose a career path and the opportunity to earn extra income. When it comes to business, nothing can be more rewarding than watching the success . However, in direct selling, one cannot afford to let their guard down and start celebrating before achieving success. Direct selling business is a network of independent distributors. So it is essential  to grow your distributor network and maximize sales by engaging with them effectively. There are multiple ways to encourage your distributors and increase their engagement.

Distributor engagement is about more than just activities and programs. It’s about an emotional connection to the role they play in the organization. To establish and maintain distributor engagement, you must understand the importance of distributor well-being. Organizations must give as much importance to their distributors’ needs as they do to the customers’ needs.

The Direct Selling industry is a fast-paced environment where distributors and their representatives are working tirelessly to build the next big business. The digital era has caused many businesses to lose touch with their distributor's needs, creating a disconnection between both parties. It is imperative for organizations to reestablish the personal connection by building new marketing strategies that will keep them up and moving in engaging their distributors in this competitive industry. Apart from these all, celebrating the success of a team or organization brings in joy, reduces stress, creates a bond, improves communication between distributors and leads to success. Host online and offline communities where distributors can independently co-exist without your support. They feel comfortable expressing themselves in public forums and groups without a hitch.

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Direct selling organizations were made to rethink their business approach after the global market slowdown in the COVID-19 pandemic era. They realized that a customer-centric approach will put them back in business helping them recover from the economic downturn. Direct selling in 2020 was a challenging industry to survive. With restrictions on how many people can be contacted in person, this business model faced difficulties with driving revenue. However, the Direct Selling Industry is taking steps to ensure its success by focusing on customer centricity and providing better opportunities for members of their network.


Direct selling is changing, and the future of this channel will be customer-centric. This shift means that companies embracing direct selling are doing so with a different set of priorities. Product performance, pricing, packaging, marketing, customer service, shipping time and costs—all of it aims to benefit, engage and retain the consumer. These companies invest in, focus on track and measure every facet in order to meet today’s consumer expectations. 

Direct selling news has launched a customer-centric recognition program honoring the direct selling companies that aims for a sustainable, customer-centric future for the direct selling industry. These companies were categorized into two i.e gold list and platinum category. A customer-centric recognition program was done by analyzing the customer-distributor ratio. 

Customers are the new king and their happiness is priority for any organization. The business model of direct selling has been the target of criticisms since the industry's inception. Organizations such as FTC, SEC, and other state-level agencies were busy policing and penalizing companies who went off the legal track. The work was done to help the industry dust off allegations brought about by the workforce. This helped organizations in setting customer centricity as a goal which they should strive for constantly while designing policies or practices that could ensure customers’ satisfaction.


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In today's digital age, the customer is king. Companies are becoming more and more cognizant of what customers want and need. They're listening to their feedback, responding to them quickly and taking action when necessary. In short, they're doing everything in their power to be "customer-centric." Direct selling companies have always been attentive to customers but now many identify as being customer-centric.

Direct selling industry still has a shady image in the society because they are being compared as  pyramid schemes. The absence of a proper customer-centric strategy from the business has brought in this shady image.  A real customer is capable of changing a company, and this would bring about change.

Keeping this in mind, direct selling news has launched a customer centric recognition program that honors the direct selling companies for their sustainable, customer centric approach. They were categorised in platinum and gold category. The research conducted by DSN find out companies that have a definite customer-distributor ratio. Platinum categorized companies have  a ratio distribution like 5-10 customers to one distributor and gold categorized companies have a ratio distribution of 10 or more customers to one or more distributors.

In today's customer-centric world, businesses are striving to meet the needs of their customers. In direct selling, this is accomplished by empowering them with a plethora of resources and tools that help them grow their own business while they enjoy great products and incentives from the company.

The idea of customer centricity emphasizes the importance of retaining customers, but also goes beyond to address how customer experience builds loyalty and repeat sales. A high level of consumer experience generates repeat sales. This means that companies should provide valuable and innovative products or services for their distributors so they can build a strong network. 

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Global Celebration award ceremony was held by Direct Selling News in order to appreciate those who are making a significant contribution in the direct selling industry. This global celebration event is considered to be the biggest recognition in the direct selling industry. Winners are announced in four categories such as Global 100 List, Bravo Awards, Direct Selling Legends, and Best places to work. Let’s discuss the Bravo awards.

The Bravo Awards is an annual recognition of companies that have shown growth in their revenue and business operations for the past year. This year, the awards program introduced a few new categories to celebrate the companies and their respective contributions for their outstanding achievements and growth.



  • Kevin Guest, USANA’s CEO, was presented with the Bravo Leadership Award in honor of his commitment to product development, strategic marketing, and customer service excellence. 


  • Color Street is the first recipient to win the prestigious Bravo Growth Award award with an impressive 171 percent year-over-year growth.Second recipient was eXp Realty for their growth of more than $800M in 2020.


  • Herbalife, a leading direct selling company, bagged the Bravo International Growth Award  for the highest revenue growth this year. with an increase in revenue of $600 million. PM-International was the second awardee with their revenue increased by $600M from $1.11B in sales in 2019 to $1.71B in 2020.


  • Nu Skin won the Bravo Global Good Award in recognition of its social, economic, and philanthropic efforts in support of children across the globe as well as for its ongoing sustainability initiatives to reduce their overall carbon footprint.


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Multilevel marketing, or MLM, is a business model that focuses on enlisting everyone you know to sell a product or service in order to make sales. Although the structure of MLM companies can vary, each company is built around a single product or service that's sold for consumers. In addition to building your own customer base, multilevel marketing encourages you to recruit others as sellers.

Studies show that direct selling has made an overall sales of $180 billion in 2019. With the popularity of so-called multilevel marketing opportunities rising, it's important to know the difference between a legitimate business opportunity and a pyramid scheme. While there are many legitimate MLM programs out there, there are also a large number of scamming also.



Pyramid schemes are scams built around a similar marketing model i.e multilevel marketing model. Their creators try to convince people that they have found a way to make money by recruiting their friends and family — but the only person making money is the person on top of the pyramid. Devious sales pitches lure in a lot of victims who are under the impression that they're at the top of their own little pyramid together with promises of quick and easy money.

It gets harder for fraudsters to manipulate us as we get smarter about how they work, but sometimes we still fall into their traps. Why? Because the methods of scammers have evolved to mask their true intentions and avoid detection. To make sure you don't fall for these sneaky tricks, it's always essential to watch out for the tell-tale signs of pyramid selling.

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The success of any business is dependent on continuous updating of latest innovations. This is especially true for direct sales businesses, which are constantly facing competition from newer ventures. If you want to keep your business high, it's essential that you stay current with the latest trends in this industry. It is an undeniable fact that more and more companies nowadays rely on online platforms to reach out to customers, tell them about their products and services.



The e-commerce sector of the direct selling industry is growing and as a result, more and more direct sellers are using e-commerce to establish their product market and expand their customer base. 

  • E-commerce companies are starting to use environmentally-friendly materials for packaging. They are using biodegradable and recyclable materials to reduce the negative impact of packaging on the environment and ensure sustainable development.
  • Retailers must provide consumers with an excellent customer service experience. Today's consumers are looking for products that are not only available but also delivered to them promptly. E-commerce platforms should offer competitive order fulfillment strategies to ensure timely delivery.
  • Brands that have a clear focus on one or more social channels can increase customer engagement, allowing them to build a more loyal customer base and increase sales. With shoppable videos, brands can drive more traffic to their online store, allowing customers to purchase goods directly from the source. Studies show that online stores that have a social media presence get 32% of average sales.


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A lot of people reacted to a Direct Selling Education Foundation (DSEF) survey and the findings were interesting. Many believed that their direct selling experience helped them to improve their personal skills - both professional and soft skills. But even in this unanimous agreement that direct selling facilitated fostering their skill levels, there were perceptual differences between male and female, and millennials and non-millennials.  

While 88% of men who participated in the survey thought the direct selling experience enhanced their critical thinking ability, only 74% of women felt the same. 85% of men felt direct selling experience helped them to cope with stress in a better manner but only 69% of women felt the same. 90% of men said direct selling aided them with better problem-solving skills while the women who agreed with this were only 76%. This kind of difference in opinion was also noticed in the way these genders reacted to the questions on direct selling enabling time management, improving entrepreneurial and decision making, and financial management skills.  


The same kind of disparity was noticed amongst millennials and non-millennials when they reacted to the survey. While 87% of millennials thought that the skills they picked up from their direct selling experience helped them in their interpersonal relationships, only 75% of non-millennials thought so. When 86% of millennials opined that they acquired decision-making skills by direct selling, only 78% of non-millennials thought so. When 81% of millennials believed that direct selling experience helped them enhance their stress management skills, only 70% of non-millennials had the same opinion.

The reasons for these contrasts might need further study but the fact remains that 75% of the participants, despite their age and gender differences, agreed that the skills they acquired from their direct selling experience have helped them both personally and professionally. So, if you are still apprehensive about the direct selling industry, look no further than these facts and statistics provided here.

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MLM is an interconnected puzzle of ideas and concepts that when put correctly provides a complete solution to your MLM business.
We set the clues right for you so you can win the competition.
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Direct selling digs deeper into the root of your personality brewing and transforming it into a more vibrant one. The opportunities in direct selling are such that the moment you become a direct seller, the more open your outlook becomes towards life, society and your inner self. 
How does direct selling fuel your personality transformation?
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Any responsible organization is expected to give back to the community, society and planet it is thriving in. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) comes in here to help the industry maintain commitment and work ethics while gaining on its goals. The network maketing industry overview of 2020 shows that companies had an amazing CSR run this year even at the height of the pandemic. 

Environmental commitment - 

    • NuSkin earned on its sustainability commitments by winning an award in the DSA U.S. Awards 2020, for its vision to improve the environmental impact score of its products and the decision to build a global network of zero-waste facilities.

    • Rodan + Fields broadened its recycling program with Terracycle with a commitment to make 75% of its packaging recyclable, refillable and reusable by 2025.

Societal Commitment - 

  1. MONAT Global donated 100% of its sales of limited-edition sets contributing to more than $250,000 to veteran and first responder non-profit organizations in North America, the UK, Ireland and Poland.

  2. Jeunesse Kids, a Jeunesse non-profit organization, gave $300,000 to food bank organizations to address the hunger crunch caused by the pandemic.

  3. Ambit Cares, an Ambit Energy non-profit organization, besides the $50,000 it donated in September, contributed another $180,000 to ‘Feeding America’, the nation’s largest non-profit organization fighting domestic hunger.

Overall Sustainability Commitment - 

Tupperware brand won recognition as one of the most responsible companies in the U.S. in 2021 as per Newsweek and Statista for impacting communities positively. As a recognition for its people and environmental commitments Tupperware was ranked #200 and 18th in the Consumer Goods category amongst a list of 399 companies.

Being pioneers in the industry is not an easy task. It also brings in greater responsibility to individuals or organizations to be socially committed.



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dsa ipsos consumer attitude


Ipsos in partnership with DSA conducted a study to understand the affinity of Americans towards the direct selling marketing model. From ‘Stanley Parties’ in the 1930s to “Ding dongs” of ‘Avon calling’ in the 1950s until today America has had a welcoming attitude towards the direct selling industry. Eventually this saw various marketing strategies revolutionising the American market with a novel business model called multi-level marketing.

The  study finds social media as one of the most attractive options available for direct selling. The reason for such popularity is the fact that half of the world’s population is already on social media and that in turn acts as an attractive ground for product marketing. 89% of the participants in the study use social media and 46% out of that express interest in direct selling opportunities on social media. Direct selling companies should realise the potential of customer acquisition through social media and tap into that customer base by exploring new methods of influencer and social media marketing.  

Customer attitudes are largely influenced by positive reviews about products and services. Hence direct selling companies have to be careful about the quality of their products and services offered to their social media customer base. It can make or break the business.


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Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing used to drive sales and generate more income from the business. It is a well-received strategy in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each customer brought by the affiliate’s marketing efforts. This type of  marketing is highly beneficial to both brands as well as for affiliate marketers.


The Epixel MLM and Affiliate plugin comes up with efficient automation tools which lets you manage MLM and affiliate sales tracking effortlessly. Our plugin supports all major open-source platforms to effectively handle your e-commerce business and elevates customer acquisition. One can double their benefits of prospecting and converting sales by managing both the streams into a single stream. The plugin is flexible with our finest features which includes automated commission processing, social affiliation, product syncing, genealogy tree and much more. The unlimited affiliate and MLM sales tracking feature of the innovative plugin lets you track the whole affiliate and MLM sales in a single system using a genealogy tree, affiliate sales tree, etc. The plugin also aids you in tracking affiliate links quite simply by tracking the source of the affiliate link and adding commissions or bonus to the affiliate automatically. Different compensation or affiliate bonuses can also be picked out based on the sales made by each member of the network.

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At the end of 2020, TikTok released an updated version of their community guidelines. In the new guidelines the prime focus was on the trust and security of its users. As the platform became increasingly popular, it became the ideal playground for fraudulent activities which caused financial losses to the users. To safeguard the users from falling prey into such illegal money-making schemes TikTok banned the upload of content that promotes Ponzi schemes, pyramid schemes, and multilevel marketing. While this may hamper the fraudulent activities of tricksters, it will help in the general cleansing of the MLM industry to a certain extent.

This move by TikTok helps to restrict the spread of illegal pyramid schemes and ponzi schemes which pose as legit MLM. The MLM industry, despite being a genuine business model, is facing a great threat caused by these false claims that lure vulnerable people into it. Misleading information and false claims were always a threat to the MLM industry. How influencers market their products sometimes draws criticism. This will not always be intentional, however, the consequences it makes greatly impact the whole MLM industry. TikTok was one among many platforms where influencers market their products without any transparency. With this ban flow of misleading information and false claims can be prevented, which in turn only helps legit MLM companies who sell their products and services lawfully. 

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Multilevel marketing is a successful business model to market products directly to consumers through independent distributors. It is mostly considered a scam since it has a similar structure with pyramid scheme but in fact, MLM and pyramid schemes are two different approaches. MLM is a genuine business where the distributors can earn a handsome income in the form of commission/bonus through their sales effort and also by their recruits. Many MLM companies are facing a backlash in the market due to the negative image of MLM. To protect the genuine MLM Companies, DSA was created.

DSA or Direct selling association is a national association that strives to protect and promote the direct selling companies and enhance their contribution in the direct selling industry. DSA protects the companies that also provide entrepreneurial opportunities to independent salesforce.

Recently DSA has honored its member companies for their successful contribution in the direct selling industry. They have presented awards in seven different categories such as 2020 CSR Vision for Tomorrow” ,“Excellence in Business” , “Vision for Tomorrow”, Technology Innovation” , “Marketing/Sales Campaigns” , “Product Innovation”   and “Partnership”.








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Making a daily routine plan is easy. But sticking to the plan day-to-day can be challenging, and this is what most of the #networkmarketers fail to keep in pace with.

Experts in this industry have put across the importance of having a firm daily routine to build a lucrative network marketing business. 

To help you out, we have compiled top daily routines of those experts in a single blog post and an interactive timeline chart to make those routines actionable for you. Do check it out!

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Inspiration is what everyone is looking for in personal or business life. Everything we do will be driven by a factor that inspires us to do so. 

This is an important factor to look for when doing a direct selling business. Keeping updated about the factors that attract people to join direct selling helps business admin to stay ahead of the competition. There are many factors that inspire an individual to join a direct selling company. Business admin can use these information to help distributors achieve what they have been looking for in direct selling and thereby retaining them.  

One of the factors is the product. Most commonly people get attracted to the product and want to share it with their friends and family. Second factor is that it gives them the freedom to “be their own boss”. Distributors are not an employee of a direct selling company. Being a direct seller gives them the freedom to fix the time, energy, and money they want to invest in the business.

The motive of a direct selling company can also make people join it. If they can relate to the vision, there is more chance to join the company. Direct selling companies offer leisure trips or get together for successful distributors. They can also bring friends to this gathering. This is a golden opportunity for the company to get new distributors. The guests can be attracted and well informed and tend to join the company.  

Learn more factors that attracts people to direct selling from

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