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The success of any business is dependent on continuous updating of latest innovations. This is especially true for direct sales businesses, which are constantly facing competition from newer ventures. If you want to keep your business high, it's essential that you stay current with the latest trends in this industry. It is an undeniable fact that more and more companies nowadays rely on online platforms to reach out to customers, tell them about their products and services.



The e-commerce sector of the direct selling industry is growing and as a result, more and more direct sellers are using e-commerce to establish their product market and expand their customer base. 

  • E-commerce companies are starting to use environmentally-friendly materials for packaging. They are using biodegradable and recyclable materials to reduce the negative impact of packaging on the environment and ensure sustainable development.
  • Retailers must provide consumers with an excellent customer service experience. Today's consumers are looking for products that are not only available but also delivered to them promptly. E-commerce platforms should offer competitive order fulfillment strategies to ensure timely delivery.
  • Brands that have a clear focus on one or more social channels can increase customer engagement, allowing them to build a more loyal customer base and increase sales. With shoppable videos, brands can drive more traffic to their online store, allowing customers to purchase goods directly from the source. Studies show that online stores that have a social media presence get 32% of average sales.


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A lot of people reacted to a Direct Selling Education Foundation (DSEF) survey and the findings were interesting. Many believed that their direct selling experience helped them to improve their personal skills - both professional and soft skills. But even in this unanimous agreement that direct selling facilitated fostering their skill levels, there were perceptual differences between male and female, and millennials and non-millennials.  

While 88% of men who participated in the survey thought the direct selling experience enhanced their critical thinking ability, only 74% of women felt the same. 85% of men felt direct selling experience helped them to cope with stress in a better manner but only 69% of women felt the same. 90% of men said direct selling aided them with better problem-solving skills while the women who agreed with this were only 76%. This kind of difference in opinion was also noticed in the way these genders reacted to the questions on direct selling enabling time management, improving entrepreneurial and decision making, and financial management skills.  


The same kind of disparity was noticed amongst millennials and non-millennials when they reacted to the survey. While 87% of millennials thought that the skills they picked up from their direct selling experience helped them in their interpersonal relationships, only 75% of non-millennials thought so. When 86% of millennials opined that they acquired decision-making skills by direct selling, only 78% of non-millennials thought so. When 81% of millennials believed that direct selling experience helped them enhance their stress management skills, only 70% of non-millennials had the same opinion.

The reasons for these contrasts might need further study but the fact remains that 75% of the participants, despite their age and gender differences, agreed that the skills they acquired from their direct selling experience have helped them both personally and professionally. So, if you are still apprehensive about the direct selling industry, look no further than these facts and statistics provided here.

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Category: Business 101

MLM is an interconnected puzzle of ideas and concepts that when put correctly provides a complete solution to your MLM business.
We set the clues right for you so you can win the competition.
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Direct selling digs deeper into the root of your personality brewing and transforming it into a more vibrant one. The opportunities in direct selling are such that the moment you become a direct seller, the more open your outlook becomes towards life, society and your inner self. 
How does direct selling fuel your personality transformation?
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Any responsible organization is expected to give back to the community, society and planet it is thriving in. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) comes in here to help the industry maintain commitment and work ethics while gaining on its goals. The network maketing industry overview of 2020 shows that companies had an amazing CSR run this year even at the height of the pandemic. 

Environmental commitment - 

    • NuSkin earned on its sustainability commitments by winning an award in the DSA U.S. Awards 2020, for its vision to improve the environmental impact score of its products and the decision to build a global network of zero-waste facilities.

    • Rodan + Fields broadened its recycling program with Terracycle with a commitment to make 75% of its packaging recyclable, refillable and reusable by 2025.

Societal Commitment - 

  1. MONAT Global donated 100% of its sales of limited-edition sets contributing to more than $250,000 to veteran and first responder non-profit organizations in North America, the UK, Ireland and Poland.

  2. Jeunesse Kids, a Jeunesse non-profit organization, gave $300,000 to food bank organizations to address the hunger crunch caused by the pandemic.

  3. Ambit Cares, an Ambit Energy non-profit organization, besides the $50,000 it donated in September, contributed another $180,000 to ‘Feeding America’, the nation’s largest non-profit organization fighting domestic hunger.

Overall Sustainability Commitment - 

Tupperware brand won recognition as one of the most responsible companies in the U.S. in 2021 as per Newsweek and Statista for impacting communities positively. As a recognition for its people and environmental commitments Tupperware was ranked #200 and 18th in the Consumer Goods category amongst a list of 399 companies.

Being pioneers in the industry is not an easy task. It also brings in greater responsibility to individuals or organizations to be socially committed.



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dsa ipsos consumer attitude


Ipsos in partnership with DSA conducted a study to understand the affinity of Americans towards the direct selling marketing model. From ‘Stanley Parties’ in the 1930s to “Ding dongs” of ‘Avon calling’ in the 1950s until today America has had a welcoming attitude towards the direct selling industry. Eventually this saw various marketing strategies revolutionising the American market with a novel business model called multi-level marketing.

The  study finds social media as one of the most attractive options available for direct selling. The reason for such popularity is the fact that half of the world’s population is already on social media and that in turn acts as an attractive ground for product marketing. 89% of the participants in the study use social media and 46% out of that express interest in direct selling opportunities on social media. Direct selling companies should realise the potential of customer acquisition through social media and tap into that customer base by exploring new methods of influencer and social media marketing.  

Customer attitudes are largely influenced by positive reviews about products and services. Hence direct selling companies have to be careful about the quality of their products and services offered to their social media customer base. It can make or break the business.


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Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing used to drive sales and generate more income from the business. It is a well-received strategy in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each customer brought by the affiliate’s marketing efforts. This type of  marketing is highly beneficial to both brands as well as for affiliate marketers.


The Epixel MLM and Affiliate plugin comes up with efficient automation tools which lets you manage MLM and affiliate sales tracking effortlessly. Our plugin supports all major open-source platforms to effectively handle your e-commerce business and elevates customer acquisition. One can double their benefits of prospecting and converting sales by managing both the streams into a single stream. The plugin is flexible with our finest features which includes automated commission processing, social affiliation, product syncing, genealogy tree and much more. The unlimited affiliate and MLM sales tracking feature of the innovative plugin lets you track the whole affiliate and MLM sales in a single system using a genealogy tree, affiliate sales tree, etc. The plugin also aids you in tracking affiliate links quite simply by tracking the source of the affiliate link and adding commissions or bonus to the affiliate automatically. Different compensation or affiliate bonuses can also be picked out based on the sales made by each member of the network.

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At the end of 2020, TikTok released an updated version of their community guidelines. In the new guidelines the prime focus was on the trust and security of its users. As the platform became increasingly popular, it became the ideal playground for fraudulent activities which caused financial losses to the users. To safeguard the users from falling prey into such illegal money-making schemes TikTok banned the upload of content that promotes Ponzi schemes, pyramid schemes, and multilevel marketing. While this may hamper the fraudulent activities of tricksters, it will help in the general cleansing of the MLM industry to a certain extent.

This move by TikTok helps to restrict the spread of illegal pyramid schemes and ponzi schemes which pose as legit MLM. The MLM industry, despite being a genuine business model, is facing a great threat caused by these false claims that lure vulnerable people into it. Misleading information and false claims were always a threat to the MLM industry. How influencers market their products sometimes draws criticism. This will not always be intentional, however, the consequences it makes greatly impact the whole MLM industry. TikTok was one among many platforms where influencers market their products without any transparency. With this ban flow of misleading information and false claims can be prevented, which in turn only helps legit MLM companies who sell their products and services lawfully. 

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Multilevel marketing is a successful business model to market products directly to consumers through independent distributors. It is mostly considered a scam since it has a similar structure with pyramid scheme but in fact, MLM and pyramid schemes are two different approaches. MLM is a genuine business where the distributors can earn a handsome income in the form of commission/bonus through their sales effort and also by their recruits. Many MLM companies are facing a backlash in the market due to the negative image of MLM. To protect the genuine MLM Companies, DSA was created.

DSA or Direct selling association is a national association that strives to protect and promote the direct selling companies and enhance their contribution in the direct selling industry. DSA protects the companies that also provide entrepreneurial opportunities to independent salesforce.

Recently DSA has honored its member companies for their successful contribution in the direct selling industry. They have presented awards in seven different categories such as 2020 CSR Vision for Tomorrow” ,“Excellence in Business” , “Vision for Tomorrow”, Technology Innovation” , “Marketing/Sales Campaigns” , “Product Innovation”   and “Partnership”.








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Making a daily routine plan is easy. But sticking to the plan day-to-day can be challenging, and this is what most of the #networkmarketers fail to keep in pace with.

Experts in this industry have put across the importance of having a firm daily routine to build a lucrative network marketing business. 

To help you out, we have compiled top daily routines of those experts in a single blog post and an interactive timeline chart to make those routines actionable for you. Do check it out!

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Inspiration is what everyone is looking for in personal or business life. Everything we do will be driven by a factor that inspires us to do so. 

This is an important factor to look for when doing a direct selling business. Keeping updated about the factors that attract people to join direct selling helps business admin to stay ahead of the competition. There are many factors that inspire an individual to join a direct selling company. Business admin can use these information to help distributors achieve what they have been looking for in direct selling and thereby retaining them.  

One of the factors is the product. Most commonly people get attracted to the product and want to share it with their friends and family. Second factor is that it gives them the freedom to “be their own boss”. Distributors are not an employee of a direct selling company. Being a direct seller gives them the freedom to fix the time, energy, and money they want to invest in the business.

The motive of a direct selling company can also make people join it. If they can relate to the vision, there is more chance to join the company. Direct selling companies offer leisure trips or get together for successful distributors. They can also bring friends to this gathering. This is a golden opportunity for the company to get new distributors. The guests can be attracted and well informed and tend to join the company.  

Learn more factors that attracts people to direct selling from

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Are you aware of MLM Generation Plan?

How Generation Plan is used to boast unlimited length and depth among a large number of joinees?


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What is MMM Global Plan and how can it be managed using MMM Software?

Does it have any resemblance to Help/Gift MLM Plan?

Hope the article might help you in this regard:


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Are you facing any difficulties in your network marketing business?

Are you struggling to live up to the expectations?

Here is an article that highlights the bumps in business and a perfect solutions with!


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So, what is Ethereum?

And how does it work as a virtual platform?

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Why is multi-language feature so important?

Will it help to acquire new customers?

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Why is MLM business failing so miserably?

Will a dedicated MLM Software resolve the issue?

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What you think about Ripple transaction protocol?

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How can you manage your members using network marketing software?

Is it reliable to manage them without any mistakes?

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