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Making a daily routine plan is easy. But sticking to the plan day-to-day can be challenging, and this is what most of the #networkmarketers fail to keep in pace with.

Experts in this industry have put across the importance of having a firm daily routine to build a lucrative network marketing business. 

To help you out, we have compiled top daily routines of those experts in a single blog post and an interactive timeline chart to make those routines actionable for you. Do check it out!

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Inspiration is what everyone is looking for in personal or business life. Everything we do will be driven by a factor that inspires us to do so. 

This is an important factor to look for when doing a direct selling business. Keeping updated about the factors that attract people to join direct selling helps business admin to stay ahead of the competition. There are many factors that inspire an individual to join a direct selling company. Business admin can use these information to help distributors achieve what they have been looking for in direct selling and thereby retaining them.  

One of the factors is the product. Most commonly people get attracted to the product and want to share it with their friends and family. Second factor is that it gives them the freedom to “be their own boss”. Distributors are not an employee of a direct selling company. Being a direct seller gives them the freedom to fix the time, energy, and money they want to invest in the business.

The motive of a direct selling company can also make people join it. If they can relate to the vision, there is more chance to join the company. Direct selling companies offer leisure trips or get together for successful distributors. They can also bring friends to this gathering. This is a golden opportunity for the company to get new distributors. The guests can be attracted and well informed and tend to join the company.  

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