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Direct selling is the act of selling products to end-users, either in person or by means of an intermediary.The benefits of direct selling include flexible working hours, the ability to work part-time or full-time, the opportunity to choose a career path and the opportunity to earn extra income. When it comes to business, nothing can be more rewarding than watching the success . However, in direct selling, one cannot afford to let their guard down and start celebrating before achieving success. Direct selling business is a network of independent distributors. So it is essential  to grow your distributor network and maximize sales by engaging with them effectively. There are multiple ways to encourage your distributors and increase their engagement.

Distributor engagement is about more than just activities and programs. It’s about an emotional connection to the role they play in the organization. To establish and maintain distributor engagement, you must understand the importance of distributor well-being. Organizations must give as much importance to their distributors’ needs as they do to the customers’ needs.

The Direct Selling industry is a fast-paced environment where distributors and their representatives are working tirelessly to build the next big business. The digital era has caused many businesses to lose touch with their distributor's needs, creating a disconnection between both parties. It is imperative for organizations to reestablish the personal connection by building new marketing strategies that will keep them up and moving in engaging their distributors in this competitive industry. Apart from these all, celebrating the success of a team or organization brings in joy, reduces stress, creates a bond, improves communication between distributors and leads to success. Host online and offline communities where distributors can independently co-exist without your support. They feel comfortable expressing themselves in public forums and groups without a hitch.

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Direct selling organizations were made to rethink their business approach after the global market slowdown in the COVID-19 pandemic era. They realized that a customer-centric approach will put them back in business helping them recover from the economic downturn. Direct selling in 2020 was a challenging industry to survive. With restrictions on how many people can be contacted in person, this business model faced difficulties with driving revenue. However, the Direct Selling Industry is taking steps to ensure its success by focusing on customer centricity and providing better opportunities for members of their network.


Direct selling is changing, and the future of this channel will be customer-centric. This shift means that companies embracing direct selling are doing so with a different set of priorities. Product performance, pricing, packaging, marketing, customer service, shipping time and costs—all of it aims to benefit, engage and retain the consumer. These companies invest in, focus on track and measure every facet in order to meet today’s consumer expectations. 

Direct selling news has launched a customer-centric recognition program honoring the direct selling companies that aims for a sustainable, customer-centric future for the direct selling industry. These companies were categorized into two i.e gold list and platinum category. A customer-centric recognition program was done by analyzing the customer-distributor ratio. 

Customers are the new king and their happiness is priority for any organization. The business model of direct selling has been the target of criticisms since the industry's inception. Organizations such as FTC, SEC, and other state-level agencies were busy policing and penalizing companies who went off the legal track. The work was done to help the industry dust off allegations brought about by the workforce. This helped organizations in setting customer centricity as a goal which they should strive for constantly while designing policies or practices that could ensure customers’ satisfaction.


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In today's digital age, the customer is king. Companies are becoming more and more cognizant of what customers want and need. They're listening to their feedback, responding to them quickly and taking action when necessary. In short, they're doing everything in their power to be "customer-centric." Direct selling companies have always been attentive to customers but now many identify as being customer-centric.

Direct selling industry still has a shady image in the society because they are being compared as  pyramid schemes. The absence of a proper customer-centric strategy from the business has brought in this shady image.  A real customer is capable of changing a company, and this would bring about change.

Keeping this in mind, direct selling news has launched a customer centric recognition program that honors the direct selling companies for their sustainable, customer centric approach. They were categorised in platinum and gold category. The research conducted by DSN find out companies that have a definite customer-distributor ratio. Platinum categorized companies have  a ratio distribution like 5-10 customers to one distributor and gold categorized companies have a ratio distribution of 10 or more customers to one or more distributors.

In today's customer-centric world, businesses are striving to meet the needs of their customers. In direct selling, this is accomplished by empowering them with a plethora of resources and tools that help them grow their own business while they enjoy great products and incentives from the company.

The idea of customer centricity emphasizes the importance of retaining customers, but also goes beyond to address how customer experience builds loyalty and repeat sales. A high level of consumer experience generates repeat sales. This means that companies should provide valuable and innovative products or services for their distributors so they can build a strong network.