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The world of selling has changed. Gone are the days when direct selling distributors; the main purpose was to find prospects and convince them to buy their product or service through door-to-door sales. Today, it is about building relationships with potential customers through content and engagement on social media. This new style of direct selling is called social selling. Network marketing entrepreneurs should follow advanced social selling methods to grow their business.


  • Social prospecting is a strategy that many direct selling companies have adopted to find prospects across all social media channels. By sending preset automated messages to customers who show engagement for posts, you can identify, track, and convert these prospects into qualifying leads with campaigns. These will help ensure a network marketing organization that they are meeting the needs of customers thus getting ahead of their competitors.

  • Customer satisfaction is paramount to the success of any business. With increasing competition and low customer loyalty, it has become imperative for direct selling businesses to provide personalized service that not only solves problems but also provides better experiences. The issue resolution process can be broken down into three major phases: recognition, diagnosis, and resolution. Recognition entails monitoring your customers’ social media channels for complaints and resolving them before they get aggravated or share their bad experiences with others on public platforms.

  • Direct selling entrepreneurs should follow successful social selling strategies to ensure customer satisfaction.  The art of social selling is not just about providing the best products and services to your customers. It lies in listening to your customers, analyzing their trends, and designing suitable strategies.  Leverage social listening tools that can simplify customer research and trend analysis. These smart tools allow you to uncover new possibilities in the market, make decisions on which trends are worth grabbing, set up alerts for unusual spikes in brand sentiment or customer complaints.


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Direct selling is a thriving industry with a network of distributors. It is no doubt that these distributors are the important priority of the direct selling business. Network marketing businesses should adopt different strategies to withheld the distributors and also increase their engagements. One way these network marketing entrepreneurs can do is to ensure the distributors with proper training methods so that they can enhance their performance and engagement that reflect in business growth.


The distributor onboarding process of distributors is the most crucial phase. It determines how they’ll perform in their first 3 months and if they will be successful or not. To get them ramped up faster, it is important for the direct selling businesses to focus on accelerating the distributor learning by building skills faster yet steadier with micro-learning and gamified training as well as using adaptive learning modules and tools for distributors to increase their knowledge.

A personal training program is the best way to make sure that each distributor has an engaging, dynamic, and effective learning experience. With a personalized approach, network marketing entrepreneurs can create micro-learning modules with different templates to choose from and give distributors the flexibility of using them at their own pace. You can also provide live webinars or instructor-led sessions for those distributors who want more support.

When you introduce immersive gamification in your training modules in direct selling business, it will increase distributor engagement and participation in the training sessions. Gamification can be defined as the process of adding elements of game design to non-game contexts in order to make them more engaging and interesting. It is all about making your distributor training modules interactive, exciting, and most importantly, motivating distributors by using incentives such as product discounts or cash rewards. Network marketing entrepreneurs should consider integrating gamification into their distributor training sessions in order to make training sessions more interesting.


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As the economic tides are turning rough, customer acquisition and retention becomes more difficult. To make it through this tough time, it is important to focus on building a relationship with your customers. These relationships can be created by implementing strategies that will help you attract and retain customers even in a harsh economy. Direct selling businesses must learn how to build and maintain strong relationships with their customers in order to stay afloat during these turbulent times. In fact, it's usually easy to attract new customers with effective strategies and aggressive sales tactics. The real challenge for direct selling businesses lies in retaining these potential customers once they are acquired.



Direct selling companies who have an inactive customer base are losing a large amount of potential revenue.  Various strategies must be adopted  to reactivate customers by implementing effective remarketing campaigns and automated messages. One key strategy is to use real-time conversation technology like chatbots or click-to-call buttons that will be able to communicate instantly with customers in order to address any concerns they may have about their purchase or deadline.

Network marketing businesses need a clear strategy for engaging their customers wherever they may be shopping or communicating. The first step is gathering customer insights through analytics on all touchpoints—calls, messages, email, social media, mobile app. With this information, directselling entrepreneurs can make more effective data-driven decisions in the future.

 For most organizations, the customer data acquired from various channels are fragmented and need to be unified in order to generate reports. Segmenting customer data will help network marketing businesses make informed decisions on what they can do with their customers. Segmenting these data is not only for sales teams but also for marketing departments as well because this strategy will enable them to analyze the customer behavior of their targeted audience. Also, the main objective of segmenting your customers' information is to give an accurate picture of current customer status.