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Category: Business 101


Multilevel marketing is a successful business model to market products directly to consumers through independent distributors. It is mostly considered a scam since it has a similar structure with pyramid scheme but in fact, MLM and pyramid schemes are two different approaches. MLM is a genuine business where the distributors can earn a handsome income in the form of commission/bonus through their sales effort and also by their recruits. Many MLM companies are facing a backlash in the market due to the negative image of MLM. To protect the genuine MLM Companies, DSA was created.

DSA or Direct selling association is a national association that strives to protect and promote the direct selling companies and enhance their contribution in the direct selling industry. DSA protects the companies that also provide entrepreneurial opportunities to independent salesforce.

Recently DSA has honored its member companies for their successful contribution in the direct selling industry. They have presented awards in seven different categories such as 2020 CSR Vision for Tomorrow” ,“Excellence in Business” , “Vision for Tomorrow”, Technology Innovation” , “Marketing/Sales Campaigns” , “Product Innovation”   and “Partnership”.








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