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Category: Prospecting


dsa ipsos consumer attitude


Ipsos in partnership with DSA conducted a study to understand the affinity of Americans towards the direct selling marketing model. From ‘Stanley Parties’ in the 1930s to “Ding dongs” of ‘Avon calling’ in the 1950s until today America has had a welcoming attitude towards the direct selling industry. Eventually this saw various marketing strategies revolutionising the American market with a novel business model called multi-level marketing.

The  study finds social media as one of the most attractive options available for direct selling. The reason for such popularity is the fact that half of the world’s population is already on social media and that in turn acts as an attractive ground for product marketing. 89% of the participants in the study use social media and 46% out of that express interest in direct selling opportunities on social media. Direct selling companies should realise the potential of customer acquisition through social media and tap into that customer base by exploring new methods of influencer and social media marketing.  

Customer attitudes are largely influenced by positive reviews about products and services. Hence direct selling companies have to be careful about the quality of their products and services offered to their social media customer base. It can make or break the business.


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