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Posted: Fri 9 April 2021 - 0 comment(s) [ Comment ] - 0 trackback(s) [ Trackback ]

A lot of people reacted to a Direct Selling Education Foundation (DSEF) survey and the findings were interesting. Many believed that their direct selling experience helped them to improve their personal skills - both professional and soft skills. But even in this unanimous agreement that direct selling facilitated fostering their skill levels, there were perceptual differences between male and female, and millennials and non-millennials.  

While 88% of men who participated in the survey thought the direct selling experience enhanced their critical thinking ability, only 74% of women felt the same. 85% of men felt direct selling experience helped them to cope with stress in a better manner but only 69% of women felt the same. 90% of men said direct selling aided them with better problem-solving skills while the women who agreed with this were only 76%. This kind of difference in opinion was also noticed in the way these genders reacted to the questions on direct selling enabling time management, improving entrepreneurial and decision making, and financial management skills.  


The same kind of disparity was noticed amongst millennials and non-millennials when they reacted to the survey. While 87% of millennials thought that the skills they picked up from their direct selling experience helped them in their interpersonal relationships, only 75% of non-millennials thought so. When 86% of millennials opined that they acquired decision-making skills by direct selling, only 78% of non-millennials thought so. When 81% of millennials believed that direct selling experience helped them enhance their stress management skills, only 70% of non-millennials had the same opinion.

The reasons for these contrasts might need further study but the fact remains that 75% of the participants, despite their age and gender differences, agreed that the skills they acquired from their direct selling experience have helped them both personally and professionally. So, if you are still apprehensive about the direct selling industry, look no further than these facts and statistics provided here.

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