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Julie >>>­ Want FREE L­EADS for lif­e? ----->­ http://tiny­.cc/SuccessI­sYours
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>>>­ Want FREE L­EADS for lif­e? ----->­ http://tiny­.cc/SuccessI­sYours
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MLM Distributor
Basic Information
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Birthday: (60 years old)
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I am an MLM Distributor, I am an MLM Company Owner, I am an MLM Vendor
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(805) 973-7382
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(805) 973-7382
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Social Pro Revolution
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╚►Pro Social Media Video Marketer/Trainer/Consultant◄╗

★ Internet Entrepreneur/Mentor/Coach... Helping Others To Create More Leads And Sales With Any Product, Service or Business Opportunity Using Proper Social Media Marketing And Relationship Building...
★ Founder and CEO of Social Media Branding With Julie -- 100% Free Social Media Video Training...Twitter, Facebook etc. How to, New Found Programs, Tools, Management, Mindset, more...

★ Founding Coach of: Social Pro Revolution ---> <--- Helping The Average Everyday Hard-Working Person To Realize That You Have To Learn How To Properly Brand Yourself Like Every Company Or Leader Has Had To Do In The Past To Achieve Success Because "People Join YOU, Not Your Business"
What You Need Most Right Now:
Dave D. Williamson ( Free Dave ), Founder Of The New Innovated Social Pro Revolution Movement Is Always Looking For Average Everyday Hard-Working People Who Are Failing Miserably In Creating Wealth Online And Already Has Over 700 Successful Students Who Now Get Free Leads, Signups And Sales For Life For Any Product, Service Or Biz Opp They're Involved In...

Dave Is Also Looking For Like-Minded Entrepreneurs Who Are Interested In Doing Joint Marketing Ventures...

╚► Skype: julieridenour1-- If You're Not Familiar With Free Skype, Watch My Brief Skype Video At:

╚► 513-549-1761
╚► Email:
High School:
Adolfo Camarillo High School
Self Employed as an online social media trainer/coach entrepreneur.
Personal Information
About Me:
Personal One-on-One Coaching
100% Free live "Screen Shot" Video Tutorials


To help the "little guy" succeed in getting his primary business to the next level


╚►Professional Social Media Marketing and Network Marketing Educator, Trainer, Coach, Personal Mentor and Consultant.

General Information

★ Internet Entrepreneur, Mentor and Coach... I Help Others To Create More Leads And Sales With Any Product, Service or Business Opportunity Using Proper Social Media Marketing And Relationship Building Techniques.

★ Before Becoming A Full Time Successful Internet Marketing Coach/Entrepreneur, I Spent Over 20 Years As A Legal Assistant and anther 10 Years in the Non-Profit Sector.

★ After Completing My Career Change To Being An Online Entrepreneur In 2007, I've Now Learned That In Most Cases, You Can’t Achieve A Wealthy Life Style Of Independence Working For Someone Else.

★ I Strongly Believe that Helping Others To Achieve Their Success Is a Natural Extension Of Every Business Leader's Journey....To Give What Was So Freely Given To Me. I Am Fascinated With The Laws of The Universe...I Believe Our Power Lies Within Us!

*** AMAZING! "Truthfulness, Honesty and Proper Education is the simple Key to Proper Attraction Marketing"

★ I Make It My Business To Be Aware Of The Latest Developments In My Field As A Pro Internet Marketer / Blogger / Social Media Expert, And Consultant.

★ Feel Free To Come Join My New Innovated Social Pro Revolution Facebook Group At: , Where We Offer RARELY-SEEN One-On-One Personal Coaching WITHOUT Any Ridiculous Hourly Charges Like Other Coaches.

╚► Skype: julieridenour -- Even If YOU ARE Familiar With Skype, Watch My Brief Video Tutorial At:, And Then Send Me A Skype Contact Request, But MAKE SURE To Reference "FREE COACHING" In Your Skype Contact Request. :)

╚► Phone: (805) 987-7382
╚► Email:
Activities and Interests:
Helping Others to Create Short And Long Term Wealth For Once In Their Life Online Using Free Personal Coaching...
Favorite MLM Trainers/Speakers/Instructors:
Zig Ziglar, Eric Worre, Jonathan Budd, Mark Hooverson, Mari Smith etc.
Favorite Books:
Science of Getting Rich, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Think and Grow Rich, The Art of the Sale, Power of Focus, A New Earth, Laws of Success.
Favorite Quotations:
"Success Comes From The Satisfaction You Have With Who You Are"
Favorite Music:
Rock, country, blues, pop, hard rock and most others...
Favorite Movies:
Last of the Mohicans, Dead Poet Society, Eat Pray Love, The Blind Side.