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Article marketing is a terrific MLM online strategy when marketing your online business. It is

an extremely powerful mlm online strategy and almost every serious online marketer takes

advantage of it. If you’re a great writer, then you are all set! But many people find that they

don’t personally have the content to write effective articles on a consistent basis.


I’m going to outline a few different sources where article content can be found.


#1 Original content – Most seasoned marketers find this to be their preferred choice,

evidently because they have a lot of knowledge about the industry and can communicate a

lot of MLM online strategies and tips, MLM online training, insight into companies, etc. to their

audience. If you are going to write your own content, you need to make sure it is fresh and new. Not only do the search

engines love fresh content, but you will be able to engage your readers and increase the amount of subscribers due

to the fact that you are offering valuable information.



#2 Rewritten Content – Another source for content for your articles is by rewriting original content that is already out

there. This is NOT at all copying or plagiarizing existing articles. It is just simply rewriting the content by putting your

own spin and viewpoint on it and sharing your own ideas and insight. Not all articles are going to relate to the same

people and by putting your own personality, facts, favorite MLM online strategy or review into the article, you are going

to attract interest from people that might not have otherwise been on board with the original content piece.


#3 Reviews – This is a very easy way to generate content, mainly because half the work is already done for you! By this

I mean that a company’s facts, pay plan, launch date and products are already on the company websites or can be

found on NPROS or such sites. If you are a good networker, you will have some connections of whom are in that particular

company or have been with the company. Have them share their experience with the company and base your review on

their knowledge combined with your writing style. By the way, reviews can be done on Leaders, Companies, Systems,

Building styles, Pay plans, a particular mlm online strategy, etc. A word to the wise, don’t be rude or over critical about

anything you review because somebody might just do a review of you!!


#4 Interviews - This is something that all top earners do. By sitting down with a leader in the industry or recording

the conversation between you two, 3 things have happened:

1) The leader gets his/her name out there.

2) You have instantly gained credibility just by being associated with that leader. They have rubbed attention onto you,

so to speak! and

3) The leader has just shared valuable information with you and your audience.


Lastly, as a killer mlm online strategy, you can use tools such as Automatic Article Submitter or Unique Article Wizard.

These tools allow you to quickly publish your articles to hundreds of websites and increase your Google rankings by

getting quality, back links.

Now it’s time to get out there and create some great content of your own and generate some leads!

To your continued success,


L.R. Hand


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