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I will be updating this, so please check back for updates! 
Most people who have signed up on this site realize that it was intended to allow like-minded individuals in the MLM industry to network and share ideas.  However, a minority of our members have very little experience in MLM, business and/or social networking at all.  If you are one of the minority, please don't feel discouraged-- our community's members are here to help you get better acclimated, and the following tips will hopefully help you create the best profile you possibly can.  (The majority of you may simply regard the following as refresher tips.)
Profile Picture Dos and Don'ts
1- Zoom in as much as possible on your face.  People will feel more comfortable if they can look into your eyes, and that's not possible if your eyes are too small to see. 
2- Smile.  Whether you show your teeth or not, most people respond more positively to a smiling face.
3- Wear professional attire.  It's unlikely that your attorney or accountant dresses in frayed short or tank tops while giving you professional advice.  If you are trying to promote your business you should aim to project a businesslike image of yourself to the world.
4- Make sure you appear clean and groomed.  Unfortunately, others may assume the unkempt appearance of another translates into that person possessing negative traits.  In other words, if you look messy, someone might infer that you're also disorganized, dishonest, unpunctual, unreliable, etc.
5- If possible, pose for your picture(s) in an office environment.  You will appear more professional because of it.
1- Nudity.  Nobody respects a person who exhibits overt sexuality in a business environment.  Unless you are in a bathing suit for "before and after" pictures for the weight loss supplement you're promoting you really have no business posing nude, topless, bottomless or in lingerie on this site.  You will gain nobody's respect.
2- Pose with/near suggestive or offensive subjects.  Of course, not everyone is offended by the same things, so it's best you eliminate anything that could possibly be construed as such.  For instance, if a person poses next to a bed this could suggest he/she is looking for a romantic relationship, something the members of MLMSocial are not primarily interested in.  Or, if someone includes a controversial political sign or religious image in his/her picture others may assume this person will try to promote what's in the picture rather than the original intended MLM-related subject matter.
3- Provide no picture at all.  Unfortunately, people are more unlikely to reach out to someone who doesn't post a profile picture versus someone who does.
Profile Content Dos and Don'ts
1- Volunteer interesting information about yourself.  Take advantage of the drop-down menus to include your favorites, like sites, businesses, music, movies, quotes, etc.  People will feel that they can get to know you better based on this information.
2- Use good grammar in your statements.  Nobody's perfect, but try to do the best you can.  Your words represent you, so if what you're saying doesn't make sense people may be less inclined to communicate with you.
3- Show off a little! Let others know just how qualified you are.  It's even better if you can back it up with references.  Reputable people like dealing with other reputable people.
4- Fill in as much as possible about yourself.  The more you share, the more others will feel they know you and will be more inclined to share with you.
1- Lie.  Others will eventually find out and avoid you.  It's better to be honest and most others will accept you as you are.  Remember nobody here started out at the top.
2- Use your profile as a platform to hurt others.  Trying to make others look bad will ultimately hurt your own image.
3- Publicize highly personal information about yourself.  We don't need to know EXACTLY where you live, your social security number or your mother's maiden name.  Giving away too much information may put you at risk for identity theft.  
If after reading these aformentioned tips you are unclear about anything, feel free to email me and I will help you.  Even if you need me to just make a judgment call for you, I'm happy to do it.  There's no shame in trying to make yourself or your profile better.
Laura Track