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I have been around the "industry" for a while now. I have tried different programs and companies only to be let down because I was the last one in or there were already so many people that saturated my area that it made it hard for me to do anything at all.


A couple of months ago I was introduced to Bellamora International Group.

Bellamora is THE ANTI-WRINKLE FORMULA that EVERYONE is going to make a part of their daily hygene maintenance.....Women & Men!!


This company is smashing records all over the place. They had 60,000 distributors sign up during the free launch. Pre-launch went live last Saturday and people are upgrading left and right with a 76% average of those upgrading taking the founders package. This is huge. This company is amazing and everyone involved is seeing the huge benefits that they will be reaping!


Not only is this the chance to be on top but it is the chance to work with the best of the best. True leaders in the industry such as Allison Lamar, Brian McLane and Ed Ayala. Not only do we get to work with the best but they are doing everything in their power to help us succeed. Giving us FREE leads that are proven to work, people are jumping on this opportunity, they are sending out phone calls, text messages and emails to your entire downline to help you close the lead or sale. They want YOU to succeed and this is just mind blowing. I have never seen anything like this ever!!  They have extended the upgrade deadline so that everyone had a chance which is just the best news I have had all day.


The best thing I like about this company is all the tools they provide for us to be successful in our business. I have never seen any other company offer what this one does and I am proud to say that I am in at the beginning. I might have missed out on the start of AVON and Mary Kay, but I didn't miss out on the start of this one. We have top earners in the industry joining us because they see what a golden opportunity has been placed in front of them.


Now they are offering a pre-written script that is sure to help you get those people on board. You can earn $50, $100, & $250 fast start bonuses depending on the package your people join with. How crazy is that? $250 Fast start bonus? There is no other company in the industry that does that. 10 ways to get paid via their patented compensation plan and the matching bonuses are 10 levels deep!!


If you have been looking for that big break, the chance to be in at the start and be on top, the chance to provide a better life for you and your family, don't walk away from this once in a lifetime opportunity. You dont need to sponsor thousands of people to make money, Just 2. Join my team and I will help you get 2, I will teach you how to duplicate what I do so that you can help those 2 get 2 and so on. The power of 2 is a powerful thing!!


So are you ready to be financially free in 2011? Let me help you get there!!

Watch this quick video, it could change your life.

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Are you looking to make changes in 2011? Has the economy and job market took a turn for the worst for you?
Things are bad these days and people are looking for ways to supplement income. I have been a work at home mom for 3 years now and I love it.
I have found a brand new company that is looking for motivated individuals who really want to change their lives. You don't have to be pushy to earn income working from home. All you need is to be passionate and have the desire to succeed. Why not let me help you?

Bellamora is a brand new skin care company that is taking the industry by storm. We are breaking records and even have some of the top people from Mary Kay and other companies leaving their positions and joining in with us. We have a product that is providing instant results. Skin care is a Billion dollar industry and something people will never quit buying no matter what.

Right now you can join my team for FREE. Until Jan 15th you can join FREE, get a FREE sample and get FREE leads of others looking to start a home businesses in our industry. This company is like no other. All you need to make money is bring two people on to your team. Join my team and get to know me and I will help you and teach you how to duplicate what I do so you can build a strong team and change your life!

Visit and watch a 2 minute video that could quite possibly change your life!