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Posted: Wed 13 July 2011 - 0 comment(s) [ Comment ] - 0 trackback(s) [ Trackback ]


This past month has been a really wild ride for me. I have had such a huge change in how things are going here it is completely unreal. I made some positive changes and started working just a little bit harder ( not that I really needed to as I work 16  hours a day anyway lol) but things have really started turning around.


Last month was my first full month as an Ambassador for Plexus Slim. I have to say that this has to be one of the absolute best businesses I have ever worked. Everything about this company is completely for real. The products are amazing, the comp plan is to die for and they are really proving to me that I made a great business decision by joining the company. My first check with them was $194 ( pretty good for the first month I think), I qualified for bonuses and profit sharing, I have not had one bad testimony from any customer and I am getting customers coming from places I don't even know where they are coming from. Now this month, my second full month in I am doing even better with more customers, higher sales and two team members I made Silver Ambassador already and now going for Gold.!


I also made Lead Consultant with Scentsy last month which is something I have been working on for over a year now. This was a really huge accomplishment for me. I love working the Scentsy business and though I am not really big on recruiting with this business, I love meeting the new people and sharing the wonderful products with everyone. My sales have gone up and things are getting better with them as well.


Most everyone who knows me knows my passion for helping others succeed. After months of research, questions, feedback and more I decided to open a site that brings opportunities and resources to help others be successful at home. At the end of May I opened WAH Resources & Directory, and let me tell you I am just blown away by the response it is getting. I have made this a place to find business opportunities, companies to shop with or host parties with. I post useful articles about marketing and other great things to help your business, as well as resources. I have also found a way to bring a great deal of exposure to those trying to build their business. I honestly didn't expect this to take off the way it has but .... WOW is all I can say. To date ( one month later) we have over 20 businesses listed on the site, hit 39,000 views last night and visitors emailing me left and right asking me to go in search of different businesses for them to look at and shop with. Our visitors are 50% business people looking to support others or find useful info and 50% those looking for a place to shop or a good business to join, so this has really taken off very well and everyone is so supportive of each other. Our fan page has even reached over 300 fans already.


So needless to say I am just beside myself with how things are going. They are picking up and getting a little better day by day, finally! Oh and did I mention that even hubby has started a business? Since we are still doing the fight with  SSD he decided to turn his hobby into a way to make some extra money to help with the bills. Since he can't go to work, he can do this from home and work at his own pace, taking breaks and such when he needs too. So two weeks ago we opened  Stained Wood Crafts - started a shop on etsy and a facebook page and we got our first order two days ago so now even he is excited.


So the past month has been a pretty wild ride. Sure we have had ups and downs, but all in all it has been great and I can't wait to see what the next month has in store!!

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