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Monte how is every­body doing t­oday? I hope­ you are all­ doing great
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how is every­body doing t­oday? I hope­ you are all­ doing great
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MLM Distributor
Basic Information
First Name:
Last Name:
Birthday: (34 years old)
Relationship Status:
I am an MLM Distributor
Contact Information
Skype Messenger ID:
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Mobile Number:
Beverly Hills
Zip/Postal Code:
Social Networks
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Education and Work
MLM Experience:
Brand New Business (0-1 years)
Primary MLM Company:
Xtra Plan
My Expertise:
Monte' Debruce has an EXTENSIVE background in the Music and Film Entertainment Industry and has been networking for many years. Considered to be a rising PROMINENT industry consultant and entrepreneur, his mission statement is to help others achieve HIGH LEVEL success and to obtain value so that we all can enjoy the extravagant luxuries and lifestyle that Financial Freedom has to offer.
What You Need Most Right Now:
Serious business minded NEW FRIENDS
$elf Made Entrepreneur
Mover and Shaker
Personal Information
About Me:
People have a subconscious attraction to others who convey leadership qualities and have a high level of personal value. I personally believe if you want to make it big in THE NETWORK MARKETING Industry you have to learn how to convey those qualities and eventually become a leader with value to offer other people. The more valuable you become to others, then the more they are going to seek you out. My name is Monte' Debruce and if you are reading this right now I would like to PERSONALLY invite you to be my new friend. I hope that we can grow and share both valuable information to one another.

It's not about what my main primary business opportunity is, Im not in it for the competition, Allow me to share some of my knowledge and wisdom, Send me a friend request today.
Activities and Interests:
Making Money, Traveling, and Having Fun
Favorite MLM Trainers/Speakers/Instructors:
Dan Kennedy, Mike Dillard, Ken Mccarthy
Favorite Authors:
Peter Lynch, Robert Kiyosaki
Favorite Books:
Rich Dad,Poor Dad
Rich Dads Guide To Investing
Rich Dads Cash Flow Quadrant
Retire Rich,Retire Young
Freedom of Security
Rich Dads guide to owning your own Corporation
Real Estate Advantages
The ABC's of building a Building a Business team that wins
The ABC's of Property Management

The 48 Laws of powers (Arthur Robert Green)
Think And Grow Rich (Author Napoleon Hill)
One up on wall street
Favorite Quotations:
If you knew better, You would do better
Favorite Music:
Hip Hop, R&B