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Akinori Happy to con­nect with al­l member! Le­t's con­nect for you­r business a­nd life!
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Happy to con­nect with al­l member! Le­t's con­nect for you­r business a­nd life!
Updated: 6 year(s) ago

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I am an MLM Distributor
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I was borne on March 4th, 1962. Since his date of education completion, I enjoy the insight, experience and expertise of twenty-seven years in corporate tenures as he looks forwards to solve complex problems for visionary organizations.

I have a robust ability in researching, conceiving, and developing winning business plans. As a chapter of the business plan in sight, he will also develop a thorough Sales and Marketing Plan accordingly.

In addition to strategic management, I have a robust practical exposure to Information Technology challenges. He's computation literacy is ample and covers the fundamental productivity applications in global offices today.

It's worth noting that I has a bachelor in the English language from Teikyo University (1984).

In addition, I has the depth and breadth of commanding basic business-like knowledge of other languages such as German,French, Korean, and Chinese. He is, in fact, multicultural getting along well with individuals from both the Western and Eastern Hemispheres.

I have been involved with sophisticated medical hardware and equipment by cutting-edge health-care institutions. Some of those equipments are incidentally also related to security devices.

I have been involved with prominent Japanese methodologies regarding quality assurance. In fact, he has applied some audits to major enterprises. Critical standards such as ISO 9001 /14001 have been under his counseling and watch as well.

In dealing with high ways and motorways, I have also facilitated his breadth of knowledge to the security dealing with said ways and motorways.

I am also versed in business analytics, both quantitative and qualitative ones.

In every line of practice below, I has a salient ability to communicate difficult terms, processes, guide lines in simple and yet effective mode.
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Product Assuarance Engineer, Billionaire.Israel, Technology, artist, writer, novelist, sea, water, South Korea, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Greek, French, German, foreign languages, Ecademy, zezuu, world, Language, Communication, Friends, Korea., Russia, USA, Southeast Asia, Wolrd, Islaerl, UK, UAE, France, Germany, Life, Airline, Business, DVR, friends, surveilance, security, Investment, International, Feeling, People, Connection, Contact, Used car, sales, Medical equipment, you help, assistance