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MLM Mastery: 5 Traits of a Master Prospector

MLM Mastery: 5 Traits of a Master MLM Prospector


People are often telling me that they wish they could be a master MLM prospector. Anyone can do it. It just takes some time and LOTS of practice. However, there are some things that you can do that will greatly assist you in your MLM journey and achieving MLM mastery.


What I’ve discovered is, there are 5 Traits or Characteristics of Master MLM Prospectors: Passion, Consistency, Communication, Being Prepared and Being Positive.


So let’s look at each one these in detail and see how you can begin to implement them into your business today!




Trait #1: Passion – You have a serious passion for Freedom, Product and Helping others.


This is by far the most important thing on this list. Without a strong passion for your product, this industry, the freedom it can provide and helping people achieve that freedom, then you really shouldn’t be in the MLM industry.


What you want to figure out what turned you on to your company and it’s product, then take that same passion and share it with others. Talk with other product users and listen for success stories within your company. There is always a wealth of product and success testimonials that you can use to convey your belief and passion. Remember, people are first attracted to your passion before they are attracted to your product or company.


Catch on fire with enthusiasm and people will come for miles to watch you burn.”


Trait #2: Consistency – You have to be consistent with your Network Marketing business every day.


Being consistent is very important. Think of it this way, if you are a doctor and you only perform 7 out of 10 surgeries right, you aren’t going to be in practice very long. You have to treat your $500 starting cost for your business like it was $500,000 or $5 million for that matter!


Far too many people start a business and then don’t put in the time and energy needed to be successful, but yet, they are still expecting the huge pay off. That pay off will ONLY come when you treat your business like a business and work it every day. Now I’m not saying you have to come home and put in another 8 hours of work every night, but creating an Action Plan and sticking to it works.


You want to set a Minimum Daily Exposure (MDE) number for yourself. If you are working this very part-time and can only put in a few hours every week, then I would recommend starting 3 MDEs. What you want to work up to is between 10 and 15 new people exposed to your business every day.


When you run the numbers about what this will do for your business, you will have no problem displaying passion. This leads to success. It is a simple formula that will work whether you build online or offline or a combination of the two!


Trait #3: Communication – Stay in constant communication with people and Follow up, Follow up, Follow up.



Whether your are building your MLM business online or generating your leads offline, you need to have some form of communication with your leads at a minimum of once a week.


There is a fine line to walk with follow up though. You do NOT want to be pitching your business every time. Ask the people you are interested in working with how their business is going, remember birthdays and anniversaries. It’s all about connecting and getting to know them.


If they are an offline MLM prospect, you want to be in touch whenever there is a local meeting, a special presentation, a new tool or a new product launch.


With an online MLM prospect this becomes easy because you should have an auto-responder sending out letters every few days.

What communication does is it keeps your name fresh in their mind. So that if things go south for them or if they just need a change, you are the person they think of first to call to help change their financial situation.


Trait #4: Being Prepared – Have tools ready and be alert.


With the economy currently in shambles, unemployment at over 10% and the economic future still uncertain, people are no longer condemning Network Marketing or MLM and the thought of being their own boss. They now see it as a viable way of creating an extra income for themselves.


So you need to be prepared both with tools (CD, DVD, literature, etc) that you can hand out to prospects and be familiar with at least 2 product stories and 2 income stories.


You want the stories as part of your arsenal because people are emotional creatures and we relate better with stories rather than facts. Stories give people the opportunity to learn more about either your product or your opportunity while you are face-to-face. Stories are something that people can become passionate about!


Facts Tell, Stories Sell!!


Also, you want to be presentable wherever you go (i.e. no pants around your butt or dressing like you are headed to the club). When you dress for success, you are prepared to make something positive happen in your business.



Trait #5: Be Positive – You have to be upbeat.


I know that we all have down moments, but you never want to show that to your prospects or your downline for that matter. People like being around warm, happy, charismatic people. They don’t want to have to be walking on eggshells around you. Be the person that you want to attract and sponsor. After all birds of a feather… and who wants to be in a group full of Debby Downers!


Take each one of these traits and apply them. Don’t pick and choose. When you do, your confidence about yourself and your business will start to grow exponentially and just around the corner, you’ll find success and be on your way to MLM Mastery!


If you enjoy this post, please do me a favor and share with others and retweet and comment.

To your continued success,


L.R. Hand


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