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All You Need to Stop Your Prospect in His Tracks

A great headline or first sentence is all you need to stop your prospect in his tracks.

If your first sentence or headline is strong enough, you won't have to worry about manipulating your prospect to action. Your first sentence or headline will make your presentation easy, a no-brainer.

I'll show you the difference.

Is it easy to sell flu shots? I don't think so.

Getting a flu shot is like going to the dentist. You are voluntarily paying for a long wait in the waiting room and paying for pain. That's a tough sell. You could offer a discount, add a premium, or even create a killer word picture, but it will still be a tough sell.

Instead of worrying about closing techniques, testimonials, presentation books, etc., why not simply concentrate on a killer first sentence or headline?

Look at the ad below. This first sentence or headline does it all.



A no-brainer, right?


Rudi Vanhaecke
Professional Network Marketer

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