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Truths & Falsehoods of Internet Marketing

Summary: Internet marketing is driven by exaggeration. There are no standards or guidelines so you can effectively say and do what you like despite the so-called “Regulators”. However, the beginning Network Marketer should know what some of these are and how to steer between the rocky shores of hyperbole. "Caveat Emptor" applies here like everywhere else. "Beware the Buyer".


Have you noticed a certain amount of repetitious exaggeration in the Internet Business Ads, Of course your have? What do you think of them? What can you believe?


Here are some obvious repetitions which I am sure you have noticed.


  • All businesses are” awesome” “best on the internet” “outstanding” “amazing” “the very best” , “to die for”. Have you ever read where some one is having “some problems”, “still getting up to speed”. I  think not.
  • All network marketers, whether they have been involved one week or one year , “took a long time getting  up to speed after spending 10s of thousands of dollars, but  now they have found the definitive business solution, and they are now making “six” or is it “seven”  figures a month. 
  • Of course, if you are in attraction marketing, “you have to brand yourself, and become a leader” to the 1000s of others who are also “branding themselves and becoming leaders”. Where are the Indians, now that everyone is a Chiefs”.
  • Of course, every one is a “winner” and must think positively all or most of the time, or all hope is lost and you might as well give up.
  • Everyone is making a bundle of money and only the social misfits and financial weaklings, and gutless wonders have fallen by the way side.


You probably know the children’s story of the king with no clothes. I won’t bore you with it here as I am sure you know it, but I wonder if that applies.


This may sound a bit self-serving, but I believe in internet businesses and that it can bring significant wealth to some. I am involved in three businesses and hope to earn a decent  living from them, if not ( Oh! I mustn’t say that) I am still enjoying myself. But at the same time I try to recognize the myths and try to determine what is reasonable.


Here is my spin on the situation.


  • There are some outstanding businesses. They have been well researched, well financed, well constructed and have a product that people really need and want. However, I would estimate there are no more than 10 per cent that are outstanding. The rest are at various levels of mediocrity. Some have been hastily thrown together with an eye for the “quick buck” for the owners, others are underfunded, others have products that are already in abundance in the market place, like health drinks, others are just poorly conceived and constructed.  It is not always easy for the novice to separate the outstanding from the mediocre. This takes experience and one needs to know what to look for.


  • Most network markets are at various levels of ignorance. Some know a lot about a little e.g. YouTube, others know a little about a lot. Again there are probably only 10 percent of people who can call themselves expert network marketers in that they are experienced, knowledgeable, skilful and have the right mindset. When you join up under some one, do not worry so much how skilled the person is, because those in the 10% category are probably too busy making their own money to bother with you. Just get a decent person with whom you feel comfortable and to whom you have ready access.


  • As for being a branded leader, as in the world at large,  there are few leaders born or learned. The majority of us have some of the qualities of leadership and some the external trappings such smart clothes, a loud mouth or a smart car. But you may aspire to be a leader and if you really want to, you probably can become a leader by dint of character, product knowledge and/or marketing skills. The majority of people are quite happy to be led and are uncomfortable in any other role, but this does not mean they won’t become a successful Network Marketer: just a less conspicuous one.


  • The great psychologists of the past such as Freud, Jung, Adler have taught us that there are different personality types and so I believe there are. Some people are always up and positive; others tend to be more negative. We are taught that the attraction marketer need positive ‘gung ho” personalities and while we can work towards this it is definitely easier for some than other. But do not sell yourself sort if you are the “negative” type as you can with effort  improve yourself, but not everyone  is going to be a Tony Robbins, and, heaven forbid,  does not want to be.


  • Lets face it, despite what you hear, you probably will not make “six-figures” every month;  but work at it for what is wrong with making a steady $5-10,000 a month, even though you may strive diligently for those elusive “six- figures”.


The bottom line is this keep your feet firmly planted on the ground, work hard, but take with a pinch of salt the hyperbole you constantly hear.  The very best to you in your quest for the best.


Michael Brooke Ph.D  is a Network Marketer living in Victoria B.C.  

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