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"Go For No!" By Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz

"Go For No!" By Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz, Book Review | Go For No

"Go For No!" By Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz, Book Review

Hello my friends! I just finished reading "Go For No!" This book is about a younger salesman who hits his head while playing a round of golf. The injury sends him into a coma type state where he meets HIMSELF... 10 years in the future! The future version of himself is much more successful. He proceeds to share his insights and inner secrets which lead to his sales success.


The "Go For No" strategy is about going after the "NO" instead of the "YES" during a sales call or presentation. "Yes" is the destination. "NO" is how you get there. "Go for No!" is a book, CD and movie by "Richard Fenton" and "Andrea Waltz"."YES" is the Destination. "NO" is how you get there!


Here is the basic concept:

Let's say you have a quota to make 4 sales in a week. You know that normally you have to call on 15 clients to make those 4 sales. If you go out on Monday and make 3 sales. Most of us would  start to celebrate. Take the rest of the afternoon off. Maybe even take the next day off. Besides, you only need one more sale and you have 4 more days to get it. BUT, if you are going for the "No", now you are actually behind in the game and have to kick up your efforts! Your quota is not how many "Yeses" you get but how many "Nos". Going for the "No" takes the pressure off you and your client. The fear of hearing them say no is gone. You are more relaxed in your meetings and the client can feel it! So you end up getting more "Yeses."


There are many stories and examples in the "Go For No!" book that may turn not only your thinking around, but your sales as well! This is a "MUST HAVE" book for any type of sales or business person!


Dale Werner

"It Changed MY Life"

For more information please visit GO FOR NO!

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