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15 Criteria for Finding the Perfect Home Based Business

Good people get blindfolded by some bad companies. New people who might be thinking of joining the network marketing industry should look for certain things before joining a company. Some things to consider:



1. Products or services Wanted / Needed by a Huge Market


2. No Competition (or weak competition) by other companies


3. Low Start-Up Costs (under $500, in most cases)


4. Low Recurring Monthly Costs (Autoship) (not more than $100/month)


5. Able to Put Money in Your Pocket Quickly (within 30-60 days, max)


6. Solid, establish company with Huge future


7. True Residual Income, preferably with "Draw in Advance" option


8. Systems in Place for Marketing and Fulfillment


9. Absolute Integrity of the Company, its Founders & Corporate Leadership


10.Corporate and Upline Support and Training Readily Available


11.Track record of Average People Really Making Money doing this


12.Something You Would enjoy Telling Others About


13.Something you'd proudly tell your Pastor or Rabbi about


14.Simple to Explain during an Eleveator Ride


15.A product or service Your Own Friends Honestly Need



By Alonso Davis


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